Free Guy Sequels Are Coming

Free Guy Sequels Are Coming

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The Ryan Reynolds video game movie Free Guy will get multiple sequels, it seems. 20th Century Studios boss Steve Asbell told The Hollywood Reporter that “more Free Guy movies” are part of the company’s plans for the future.

In the interview, Asbell laid it out plainly: “We have more Free Guy movies coming. We’re going to be pretty busy.”


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Asbell mentioned the previously unannounced Free Guy sequels as part of a wider discussion about what’s next for 20th Century Studios. Asbell also mentioned that there are more Avatar films coming, the first of which is coming this December and will not be delayed, he said.

Before this, Free Guy director Shawn Levy spoke to GameSpot about some of his ideas for a Free Guy sequel. One of his ideas is for Ryan Reynolds’ title character to jump between popular game worlds. “I’d love to see him in Minecraft,” he said. “I’d love to see him in Call of Duty. I feel like the possibilities, comedic and otherwise, both in terms of comedy and action, are kind of endless. It’s very juicy to think about.”

Free Guy made more than $330 million worldwide in 2021, so it’s not hard to see why 20th Century is moving ahead with multiple sequels. In addition to Reynolds, the original film starred Jodie Comer and Taika Waititi. It was also generally well-received by critics.

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