Freedom Mobile drops $80/mo 40GB plan from roster

Freedom Mobile drops $80/mo 40GB plan from roster

by Lily White
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Shaw-owned regional carrier Freedom Mobile has removed its $80/mo 40GB plan.

Freedom changed up its plans slightly just a few days ago, adding a new $55/mo 18GB plan and bumping its Canada/U.S. plan from $85/mo with 30GB to $90/mo with 50GB of data. However, at the time, the carrier still offered that $80/40GB plan.

It’s definitely a bummer to see the plan go considering that not everyone needs (or wants) Canada/U.S. calling. The $80 plan fit nicely at the top of Freedom’s plan stack and offered a great option with lots of data but for slightly less than the Canada/U.S. plan.

It’s unclear if Freedom will bring back the plan, or offer a similar new plan, sometime in the future.

Freedom Plans March 5

As a refresher, Freedom’s plans offer two buckets of data — Freedom data customers can use when on Freedom’s network and ‘nationwide’ data when they’re off of Freedom’s network. The data amounts mentioned above are for Freedom data — the $80/40GB plan also had 2GB of nationwide data.

If you’re looking to get that amount of nationwide data, you’ll need to pick either Freedom’s $75/30GB plan (also has 2GB of nationwide data) or the $90/mo Canada/U.S. plan (has 4GB nationwide data). Freedom’s other plans have 1GB of nationwide data.

You can check out Freedom’s plans here.

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