Fun For All Ages – 3 Things to Do in Richmond

by Lily White
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Richmond, Virginia, is a fantastic place to take the family! Although the city is smaller and doesn’t have everything you can find in other popular vacation spots, Richmond has plenty that will excite and thrill.

These are fun things that you can do with anyone in Richmond! So don’t be afraid to cut loose and enjoy yourself!


The Fun Gardens and Zoos

Richmond has a large collection of gorgeous greenery and animals that will keep you interested. The Lewis Ginter Recreational Garden has beautiful plants from around the world laid out to be pretty, lively, and bright vivid colors. There are tons of parks, zoos, and other attractions like this.

Although you shouldn’t plan your entire vacation around the idea of walking through the plants and looking at animals, this can allow you to breathe in the middle of your vacation. Have you just had two high-energy days? Did you have a long morning? Take a nice walk through a garden, enjoy the natural beauty that Richmond offers, and then go back to your vacation.


Fun Down By The James River

So Richmond may not have a beach, but it does have the James River!  This breathtaking river fills the spot like a beach and gives you the chance to cut loose, have fun, and possibly enjoy some sunshine.  Although it doesn’t have the waves you could find oceanside, the joy that you can have on the James River will be good enough that you’ll want to start looking at which Richmond apartments are available within your range!

If you want to get on the water, there are many boat rental services, as well as inner tubing rentals where you can enjoy warm summer air while you’re out on the water!  Ensure that you bring sunscreen for yourself!  Sunburns are serious and can sneak up on you, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Sight See All Over The City

Richmond is a beautiful city! Some of the oldest architecture in the country is mixed with new buildings and incredible art. All of this is beautiful, but it gets even better!  Consider doing sightseeing into a game with those you’re with!  You can do this by spot iconic parts of the city, like the capitol or the Hollywood cemetery, and make the prize something simple and fun that anyone would enjoy.

Sightseeing also means letting yourself enjoy all of the restaurants and delicious food trucks you spot! Although you’ll be limited by time and money, treating the restaurants on one street as a tasting menu can be a lot of fun! Making your trip into a game can add excitement and will make the entire thing more memorable.

Richmond has something for anyone who visits, from beautiful botanical gardens to fantastical zoos and delicious restaurants. Whether you’re traveling here alone, or you’re visiting with your whole family, don’t be afraid to have fun and enjoy what the city has to offer!


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