Gambling Variations in Canada


A free-spirited country, Canada looks kindly at gambling. Some form of gambling is permitted in its every province. Yet there is a caveat: gambling laws in Canada differ from province to province. If you are travelling through the country and plan to try your luck in casinos, it would be prudent to familiarize yourself with these differences lest you get yourself in trouble with the Canadian law.

After the amendments added to the Criminal Code in 1969 and 1985, every province in Canada started practicing its own gambling regulations. Every province individually decides which gambling activities to permit and which to forbid within its territory. We are talking about these differences in the paragraphs below so that you know which forms of gambling you can enjoy when you travel across Canada. But if you prefer to wager from the security of your home, you can do this on one of the online gambling websites popular in Canada. Read also about Dunder bonus at before you actually place a bet, if you want to make a more handsome profit.

There are several gambling variations at which you can try your hand while travelling in Canada. You can meet land-based casinos, racetracks, lotteries, bingo halls, slot machines, and Video Lottery Terminals. But, as mentioned, you will not find all of these variants gathered together in one province. Each province has its own gambling laws and is likely to permit some of these variations and ban others.   

The most common type of gambling in Canada is the land-based casino industry. There are as many as one hundred of Canadian casinos scattered across the country, the most famous of them being Casino Niagara in Ontario, Casino de Montreal in Quebec, Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, Ontario, Casino Rama Resort, Ontario, and River Cree Resort and Casino in Alberta. These casinos have made a meaningful contribution to the development of the gambling industry in Canada.

The majority of the Canadian land-based casinos are run by First Nations and attract a lot of attention. Around 95 million visitors have entered by now Casino Niagara, for example, with more than 30,000 people coming to it every day of the year.  Overall, the gambling industry in Canada generates nearly CAN$17 billion revenue nationwide, with CAN$7.4 billion made in Ontario, which represents the largest contribution to gambling revenue. But try as you might, you will not find land-based casinos in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. In these provinces, they are forbidden.

Freedom to make their own gambling rules that the Canadian provinces enjoy is applied also to online gambling. Each province and territory in the country has the right to determine their own online gambling rules and regulations. Each of them defines some types of online gambling as legal and allows people to play them on websites.  

Yet here comes a warning. Because, due to the murkiness of the Canadian rules of online gambling, the majority of Canadian online casinos websites are based outside the country. The websites’ locations sometimes create problems with users’ payments. It may sound strange but not every Canadian casino website accepts Visa, even though it is the most popular credit card. Or some websites ask players to set up an account with a third-party money transfer website. Still, other online casino websites prefer wire transfers or require players to pay through a list of specified payment methods. Therefore, before you place a wager at your chosen online gambling website, read its payment regulations attentively to avoid inconveniences when you claim your bonus or prize money.  

Above all, remember that each of the ten provinces and territories in Canada has its own gambling regulations. Not everywhere will you find bingo, racetracks, Video Lottery Terminals, or even land-based casinos. But each of the provinces will inevitably have at least one of these gambling variations. If you know what type of gambling activities to look for in the province you are visiting, you will be able to enjoy yourself and, with a little bit of luck, even to win some extra money.  

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