GameSpot After Dark Ep. 65: That New Console Smell


On this week’s bittersweet episode of GameSpot After Dark, Jake and Kallie are joined by GameSpot Australia’s Edmond Tran and Jess McDonell for their last day at GameSpot. Though they’re leaving the team, they’re not leaving our hearts and minds–and yes, we got the sappy stuff out of the way early so we could have a laugh and talk about new games, old games, and very new consoles.

CRPG expert Jess gives her impressions of Baldur’s Gate 3, then Kallie and Jess talk about how incredible Persona 5 Royal is before Ed and Jake give their thoughts on the newly released Watch Dogs: Legion. Oh, and Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed again. We don’t spend too much time on that one.

The main event this episode is, of course, that we can now talk a little bit about PS5 and Xbox Series X|S! Jake has a Series X, Kallie has a PS5, Jess’ roommate has a Series S, and Ed wins with hands-on time with all three. While we still can’t talk about too much, Ed shares his early impressions of PS5 pack-in Astro’s Playroom.

In lieu of regular listener questions, we took your burning next-gen console questions instead. What accessories should you get for next-gen? Which new console is the ugliest? What does the PS5 smell like? These are the questions we could answer, so we hope you like them!

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