Get a Healthy Penis With Vitamin E



Many individuals the world over use beauty and skin products that contain vitamin E. Known as a vitamin that leads to smooth, supple and strong skin, vitamin E is often considered a gold-star ingredient for men who are seeking a healthy penis. As an added bonus, vitamin E can help a man avoid an itchy penis, too. Applying a crème with vitamin E should be a regular part of good penis care – here’s why.

The amazing benefits of vitamin E

Many people ingest vitamin E supplements as a way to boost what they get from their food. And there’s good reason for this – inside the body, vitamin E works to maintain red blood cells, as well as strengthen skin, cell membranes and nerves. It’s great for improving the health of smaller blood vessels in the body – those blood vessels that feed the nerve endings, as well as those that feed the function of the kidneys, eyes, brain and yes, the penis.

But scientists have found that vitamin E is one of those vitamins that have a striking effect on the skin when applied topically, too. Vitamin E is used often by medical professionals in everything from neonatal nurseries to burn units. Dermatologists always have plenty of vitamin E on hand, as well as products with a vitamin E base, to treat a range of conditions, including extreme dryness, burns, irritations, inflammation, and even reduce scar tissue.

What vitamin E does for the penis

In addition to improving the blood vessels that feed the penis with much-needed blood for those intimate moments (and every other moment), vitamin E has a powerful effect on creating healthy penis tissue. Everyday handling of an erect penis can often mean small irritations and soreness pop up on a regular basis. These small problems can eventually turn into big problems as scar tissue develops over time, eventually leading to a curvature of the penis that is far beyond what is normal.

By applying vitamin E to the penis on a daily basis, a man can help ensure those little irritations get the attention they need, and thus heal much faster, with less scar tissue forming. Vitamin E is also great for keeping scar tissue to a minimum or healing what is already there, which is great for men who are worried about that excessive curvature from an overabundance of scar tissue.

In addition, vitamin E works wonders to alleviate an itchy penis. Since most itchy penis situations are caused by extreme dryness, using something that combats that dryness is recommended as a first-line defense against the annoying itch. Vitamin E is soothing, targeting all the problems that a healthy penis can encounter, as well as moisturizing, so it cuts through dryness and helps keep skin supple and smooth. This, in turn, prevents a man from scratching as much, which prevents further irritations. It’s a win-win all around!

Finally, some men have penis skin that looks rough, mottled or otherwise unattractive. Vitamin E won’t work overnight to improve appearance, but over time and with generous application, a man will begin to see healthy penis skin – and that means that eventually, he will see a healthier overall look to the genitals as well.

Obviously, a man should reach for a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) that contains vitamin E as a main ingredient. For more hydrating power, he should also look for Shea butter, a high-end emollient that works synergistically with vitamin E to provide even more protection against dryness. Other ingredients, including beneficial amino acids and helpers like vitamin A, B5, C and D, round out a worthy penis health crème and keep a man’s penis as healthy as possible.



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