Grandstand Construction in 5 Steps

by Lily White
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Being assembled and disassembled easily, tribunes are preferred for many areas and purposes today. The main function of the grandstand construction is generally to increase the capacity of sports halls and provide a comfortable place for spectators. Created with the nesting model, they can be widely used all over the world. In this article, the focus will be on grandstands’ features, advantages, and their construction. Even if these elements may vary according to the company that customers prefer, the fundamental information is aimed to be offered.

Features of Grandstands

Basically, when we look at the grandstand features, we may say that there are two forms of grandstands: roofed and non-roofed grandstands. Other features can be listed as follows:

  • Grandstand construction can be made in the desired number and color.
  • Grandstands are generally more suitable for use in open areas in addition to being a very useful and quality product.
  • They are not affected by seasonal conditions.
  • They are not affected by sun rays because they have UV protection.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of these grandstands are quite simple. They do not require any additional maintenance.
  • They can be used very comfortably for a long time after the installation is completed.
  • They are environmental- friendly products.
  • They do not contain harmful ingredients or adhesives.
  • They can be installed in many types.

Types of Grandstands

Even if lots of grandstands are produced today, there are 2 main grandstands that are preferred mostly: steel grandstands and container model grandstands. We may explain their features as follows:

Standard Steel Grandstand

Being built 3 meters-90 meters in length, this type of grandstand can be produced with a roof. If the customer doesn’t want their grandstand to have a roof, the project is made according to this preference. Generally, the snow load of these grandstands changes between 75 and 210 kilograms. The audience capacity, which is a very important element for grandstands, can vary (200-5000). To offer a quality grandstand, leading companies such as Integral Grandstand test loads of snow, wind, and seismic.

Container Model Steel Grandstand

Container model steel grandstands have been very famous and started to preferred. Having a minimum length of 4 meters and the length may be changed according to customers’ preferences. Just like steel grandstands, container model grandstands can also be produced with or without a roof. The grandstand seating can be 4, 8 or 12 ordinary. In addition to galvanized hot-dip method being used in all sections of the grandstands, the all-steel structure is coated with galvanized hot dip. Living areas can also be designed according to special demands.

Grandstand Construction

As consideration for the other products, there are also some steps to be considered for grandstand construction. We may list them as follows:

  • First of all, if the service is offered by a leading company, examinations are made in the area that the customer has determined. The size of the grandstand is determined by the measurements to be taken.
  • After that, the color and model the customer prefers and the materials to be used are determined.
  • Then, a preliminary visual is prepared on the computer and presented to the customer.
  • After the approval of the customer, the grandstand construction process begins.
  • The installation and assembly of the grandstand, whose production is finished, is done and offered within hours.

Grandstand Construction Cost

Grandstand construction costs may vary according to many elements. For example, the area that the installation will be made, the materials that have been chosen, and the features of the grandstand may affect the price. For this reason, getting clear information about grandstand seating from a leading company like Integral Grandstand will be much better.


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