Rockstar Games is launching Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 15. Here are all the new details from the Rockstar blog post about the new versions.

DeVante Chisolm

Today the dev revealed new details about what to expect in terms of performance and fidelity, how save transfers will work, when preorders go live, and more. Rockstar said GTA V and GTA Online will bring “high-end PC visuals” to console, with multiple graphics mode and support for frame rates up to 60fps. Players can also expect improved texture quality options, ray tracing, and HDR options.

Rockstar also reminded fans that GTA Online will be offered as a standalone download on March 15 alongside the launch of GTA V for new platforms. PlayStation 5 users can get GTA Online’s standalone version free for the first three months, and there was no mention of needing to have PlayStation Plus to take advantage of this offer.

Rockstar did not announce any pricing details for GTA V or GTA Online, but preorders and pre-loading starts March 8, so we should know very soon.

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