Halo Infinite Dev Explains Lengthy Forge Delay, Promises “Generational Leap Forward”

Halo Infinite Dev Explains Lengthy Forge Delay, Promises “Generational Leap Forward”

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Halo Infinite’s long-awaited Forge mode, which lets players create all manner of custom content, missed the game’s launch last year and is likely still many months away from release. Developer 343 Industries has now explained the delay a little more, saying it was necessary to ensure it reached 343’s benchmark for quality.

“It broke our hearts to not be able to launch Forge alongside the rest of Infinite but to ensure it meets the bar we’re setting for it to achieve, this massive overhaul to Forge in Infinite just wasn’t able to make it out before the end of last year,” 343 said in a blog post.

The new version of Forge will offer “another generational leap forward” in terms of its capabilities, 343 teased, going on to say it will contain “many of the community’s highly requested features…”

Using Halo Infinite’s Forge users will be able to create “WAY more impressive and creative gameplay experiences inside of Infinite,” 343 said.

Previous iterations of Forge have led to some epic community creations, including Star Wars podracing, Halo: Beer Pong, and Toilet Bowl Zombies, just to name a few.

Also in the post, 343 said Halo Infinite’s Forge mode will “grow and expand in capabilities” over time with post-launch updates. The mode is coming sometime during Halo Infinite Season 3, so it’s still a long time away from release, seemingly. Members of the Halo Insider Halo Insiders will get to try it first and provide input to 343. “It will be worth the wait for our Forge community and fans of the content they are able to create!” the developer explained.

Forge isn’t the only exciting Halo mode or feature to have been delayed. Campaign co-op also missed launch, and recently was delayed even further. It was previously scheduled to launch with Season 2: Lone Wolves on May 3, but it’s now set for release sometime mid-season.

In other Halo news, 343 has provided an outline of what to expect in Season 2: Lone Wolves, including new maps, modes, and the addition of Jeff Steitzer’s voice for BTB. The developer also recently acknowledged that as fans call for new content and updates.

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