Hasbro and Robosen announce premium self-transforming Optimus Prime trailer

Hasbro and Robosen announce premium self-transforming Optimus Prime trailer

by Lily White
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Roll out in style with the auto-converting trailer for Robosen’s Optimus Prime


Transformers Trailer 1

Autobots rejoice.

Hasbro and Robosen have announced a new supplemental piece to add to your collection. After releasing a 19-inch self-transforming Optimus Prime robot, the two companies are releasing a self-transforming trailer.

The Transformers Optimus Prime auto-converting trailer can open up, transform and supports a miniature vehicle that can roll off its ramp. The trailer has a design pulled from the G1-era of the franchise and attaches to the auto-converting Optimus Prime model.

Plus, it measures in at 3ft in length.

Other unique features of the trailer include auto-deploying turrets — perfect for fighting Decepticons. It can use its hydraulics to lift and detach itself from Optimus Prime as well as open its rear doors.

When attached to the leader of the Autobots, the trailer can be towed around seamlessly. The listing states that the trailer features an integrated fifth-wheel coupling. This coupling easily attaches when it is operating in truck mode.

Transformers Trailer 1 1

60 microchips and 18 individual servo motors powers the Optimus Prime auto-converting trailer. From a power perspective, it features a rechargeable Lithium Cell Battery (2600mAh.) Users will want to take full advantage of the Robosen Optimus Prime mobile app on iOS and Android to tap into all of its features. With a smartphone, users can control the miniature vehicle and trailer. Voice commands are also present.

If this new Optimus Prime trailer sounds up your alley, prepare to invest a premium for it. As with Optimus Prime, the trailer also runs $750 USD (roughly $950 CAD.) Preorders are available now. The estimated delivery of the trailer is set for December 1st, 2022. Note that the website states the product is not available to ship to Quebec.

As Transformers played a major impact on my childhood, it’s hard to not jump on both of these items. Though, the price tag is remarkably steep and may be hard to swallow.

Source: Robosen Via: The Verge

Image credit: Robosen

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