HBO Releases First Explosive Trailer For DMZ

HBO Releases First Explosive Trailer For DMZ

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HBO Max has released an official trailer for its upcoming adaptation of the DC graphic novel DMZ. The show’s first trailer also hits just days before the four-part series is set to debut on March 17.

As the new clip suggests, the HBO Max will take some liberties and differ from the original comic. The story will follow Alma (Rosario Dawson) as a medic who navigates the titular demilitarized zone in “a dangerous and distorted Manhattan” to find her lost son. The comic centered on a photo journalist named Matty Roth. Check out the clip below for your first look at this reimagined adaptation.

The comics series, which was originally created in 2005 by a creative team of writer Brian Wood and artist Riccardo Burchielli, chronicled a hypothetical Second American Civil War that turned the island of Manhattan into a demilitarized zone.

In the HBO Max version, Roberto Patino, the co-executive producer of Westworld Season 2, serves as showrunner. In addition to Dawson, DMZ stars Benjamin Bratt, Hoon Lee, Freddy Miyares, Jordan Preston Carter, and Venus Ariel.

The project was first announced back in November 2020.

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