Healthy Lifestyle – Small Changes Can Make a Huge Difference

by Lily White
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Healthy lifestyle is equal to healthy mind, body and soul. You know this part – but healthy lifestyle is not just about huge changes or turning your life around. By following some simple lifestyle changes, your health can improve considering, you feel better, you enjoy life more and give more to your family and personal happiness.

To get started on healthy lifestyle – make smart choices. You start with what you gulp down! In many ways you are what you eat! Smaller changes can help you affecting healthy eating lifestyle. Here are some simple ways –

Eat fruits – if you are unable to find time for breakfast, then do not leave home before grabbing some fruits.

Choose vegetables – especially when "feeling like a snack". Grab carrots, nuts, frozen vegetable and dried fruit for your snack. Also try adding more vegetable that you are used to in your food.

Switch salad dressing – instead of the full fat dressing try to add some fiber in your salad dressing. Give up heavy salad dressing like cheese and instead add peas or beans to it.

Be a smart shopper – next time you are going grocery shopping, make sure you pick healthy substitutes to the food you normally buy. Read the calories and look for the product that offers a better choice that what you normally take.

Exercising the next important ingredient for healthy lifestyle!

"You can get your body moving by engaging in simple tasks –

"Do small household chores

"Go for a walk instead of watching TV

"Take up the stairs instead of elevator

"Can not afford a gym? Go to bike ride with friends or kids!

"Pay more attention on your daily level of physical activity and consciously try to be more physical whenever you can be.

And lastly stay motivated! Bring in all the support you can to stay on track. By following a healthy lifestyle, be a role model for your kids, friends, family and above all yourself.



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