Here’s how to watch TCL Mobile’s April 14 keynote


It’s unclear what TCL will show off at its event

At the end of March, TCL Mobile announced its upcoming global event for April 14th.

Today is the day: At 11am ET/8am PT, the company will show off some of its latest devices via a livestream on YouTube (available below).

It’s not entirely clear what TCL will unveil at the event.

That said, at CES 2021 the company showed off five different TCL 20 series smartphones — the 20 Pro, the 20 L, the 20 5G and the 20 SE — but only officially revealed information about the 20 5G and the 20 SE. TCL instead promised to share more about the 20 Pro, 20L and 20 S in the next few months.

Today’s event might be when we officially get more information about the 20 Pro, 20L and 20S.

Additionally, a previous leak indicated TCL is working on a smartphone that expands by unfolding using its ‘DragonHinge,’ and after it’s unfolded, users can unroll the interior screen to stretch the device further.

This allows it to transform from a smartphone into a large tablet. CNET says that TCL plans to unveil renderings of this device at its keynote.

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