Home Chef’s Best-Selling Meal Kits Are 55% Off Today


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Grocery shopping, meal planning, and putting healthy, yummy food on the table can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive—not to mention wasteful, especially if you buy full-size ingredients only to use a dash. A meal-kit service like Home Chef can be a great option for many, cutting out all of that work by delivering fresh ingredients and recipes tailored to your tastes each week. And with this 55% off deal, the service just got a lot more affordable (see more pricing info below).

Whether cooking for yourself or a family, with Home Chef, you can choose from nearly a dozen meals each week that can be prepared in about 30 minutes or less. The service offers plenty of satisfying options for all your dietary and health needs, like vegan-only dishes and meals for people who eat gluten-free, and includes a range of ingredients in precisely the amounts you need to prepare tasty meals (from sirloin steak and garlic herb butter to a hearty salad). If you’re looking to save time, Home Chef helpfully offers 15-minute, easy-prep, and oven-ready meal kits, and if you’re barbecuing this summer, grill-ready meal kits as well. They also provide options for dessert (chocolate lava cake, anyone?) and additional packs of high-quality cuts of protein like steak, chicken, and fish.

Since Home Chef typically forecasts menus up to five weeks ahead, it’s also easy to plan out over a month’s worth of meals (and to skip a week too), which can be a relief for streamlining the meal-prep process and your work-from-home routine.

Cost: Dinners usually range from $9 to $14 per serving (choose from two, four, six, or eight servings). Proteins and add-ons like dessert can be customized for an additional fee. Home Chef is available nationwide.

Regular price: Three meals with two servings each (six servings): $53.94/week ($215.76/month)

Sale price: $24.27/week ($97.08/month)

Regular price: Two meals with four servings each (eight servings): $71.92/week ($287.68/month)

Sale price: $32.36/week ($129.44/month)

Regular price: Four meals with two servings each (eight servings): $71.92/week ($297.68/month)

Sale price: $32.36/week ($129.44/month)

Regular price: Three meals with four servings each (12 servings): $107.88/week ($431.52/month)

Sale price: $48.55/week ($194.20/month)

Editor’s Note: Home Chef says all operations are working normally as of today; for more information, check out their COVID-19 information page.


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