How 2-Minute Showers Set Up Paralympian Dani Aravich for Ski Success

How 2-Minute Showers Set Up Paralympian Dani Aravich for Ski Success

by Sue Jones
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In order to prepare for the longer distances and sustained efforts, Aravich nearly doubled her training hours from track-and-field to build a base for the winter sports in Beijing. In doing so, she realized she needed to take things like sleep and recovery more seriously so she could perform her best.

“I want to be more intentional with the products I use and the way I’m spending my time on myself to get the most added benefit,” she says.

Aravich sat down with SELF to discuss some of the self-care changes she’s made—and how that helps her ski her best.

The beginning of my bedtime routine actually starts with something physical.

After dinner I’ll wrap up on social media or do some chores like laundry, but by the time 8 p.m. rolls around, it’s time to start my recovery activities, since I want to be in bed by 9 or 9:30. If I haven’t had time to do my physical therapy stretches during the day, I’ll do them at this time, or maybe I’ll do a quick core routine, or I’ll hop into my recovery boots—I use the Normatec recovery boots, and usually spend about 20 minutes [in them].

Sometimes I’ll also roll with a foam roller or a lacrosse ball, which I find super helpful. One thing I’ve learned is, something as simple as a lacrosse ball or a piece of foam you can lie on top of in a certain spot, those can be just as valuable as some of the expensive recovery tools out there.

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Normatec Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery

Then it’s time for showering and skin care.

I typically prefer to shower at night rather than first thing in the morning, and I’ve been trying to wash my hair less—following my hairdresser’s wishes—so I only have to do that like three times a week now. If I’m not washing it that night, I just clip it up and try to keep it dry. I shower quick: Without washing my hair, I can be in and out in about two minutes. I like to keep my water unreasonably warm, and I really like men’s body wash. Right now I really love the Method body wash from Target. I just like men’s products—I like the smell more.

I’m trying to be a lot better this year with my skin care because I have all of the things, I purchase them and intend to use them, but sometimes I can get lazy. Right now the products I love are from The Ordinary. If I’m not being lazy, I’ve been doing a heavier night cream, and I really like The Ordinary’s vitamin C serum and a caffeine one.

This might be bad, but I don’t really wash my face. I use makeup wipes, and a toner too to try to get off any dirt or makeup that might be left over from the day. I use Trader Joe’s face and body wipes, and I buy them in bulk. I don’t live by a Trader Joe’s anymore, so whenever I go home to my parents’ house, I have to go there and buy, like, six packs.

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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension

I always make time to floss.

Teeth are the one thing that I am very by-the-book on and will be regimented with. I think my favorite part of my face is my teeth, and I’m very proud of the work my orthodontist did when I was growing up. So I invest in my teeth, and I am very on top of my flossing and brushing. I use a whitening mouthwash as well—Crest 3D White—and I use that toothpaste too.

Room spray makes my bedroom feel comforting.

I love my Mahogany Teakwood Room Spray from Bath & Body Works. I have it in my bedside table, and I think I have eight different bottles of it because I continue to buy it even though I’ve yet to run out. That is the one thing I try to do every single night—spray that on my bed, and in my closet, just to get the whole room. Even when I travel, I bring a bottle and spray my pillow.

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