How Can We Lose Weight in a Healthy Way?

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Despite all the billions of dollars spent on weight-loss products and programs, more and more Americans, and even our children, are over-weight and frequently clinically obese. Part of the problem is that the underlying factors behind weight gain are largely ignored and people think simplistically that it requires a diet to lose weight. What is much more important, and effective in terms of losing weight in a healthy way, is to follow a program that promotes health by changing body composition to a greater balance between fat, lean muscle and water content. IN addition the issues of reducing exposure to environmental toxins, which are often stored in fatty tissues as a protective measure has to be addressed in order to ensure that fat will be lost in a manner that, in fact, promotes health and vitality. By becoming healthy and following a healthy weight-loss regimen, you will lose weight, and keep it off for good. The following are some of the key points to losing weight in a truly healthy manner:

* In order to lose weight, we first have to consider the quality of the food we're eating. Whole foods that are unprocessed are the best with organic varieties, without hormones, pesticides and antibiotic residues being ideal. Eating produce that is bright colored and fresh will provide nourishment to every cell of your body. Quality proteins include cage-free eggs and chicken, free-range beef and legumes.

* Quality whole food supplements and individuals nutrients such as quality fish oils, grain concentrates are an important way to complement a high quality diet.

* Stress relief is a vital part of healthy and effective weight-loss since emotional drivers often interfere with the best intentions to lose weight in a healthy way. Meditation, breathing exercises, and other methods help the body to attain a balanced level of function which works to balance hormones and support healthy weight-loss.

* Purified water is essential to hydrate all of the cells of every part of the body.

* Some exercise and movement of the body on a daily basis is also an important part of losing weight and enhanci9ng proper body composition. your body everyday. Walking at least 20-30 minutes per day is a wonderful way to begin.

One of the things we would want to avoid is the up and down yo-yo kind of pattern that many people go through with regard to changes in their weight. By working towards a healthy life lifestyle, losing weight becomes easier and easier and the benefits will become consistent over the long term.

The key to losing weight in a healthy way is to realize that your body has an intelligence that knows the ideal weight for you. By cooperating with this inner wisdom, and adopting a consistent lifestyle around the principles above, you'll be abler to enjoy a longer and healthier life.


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