How is the Settlement for a Car Crash Injury Computed?


The Houston roads are considered to be one of the deadliest in Texas. There are several car crashes that happen on average in Houston every day.

When you are involved in a road accident involving another vehicle, you have the right to sue the other party. But Houston car accident lawyers would advise first to explore the possibility of a settlement.

In the US, on average, more than 95% of the personal car crash injuries are settled. Only about 5% end up going to court for trial. 

How Much Amount Can You Expect in a Car Crash Settlement?

Texas has a statute of limitations lasting two years. This means that you have 24 months from the date of the collision to sue the other party. 

The amount of the settlement will vary depending on several factors. Among these factors are:

· The gravity of the injury due to the car accident

· The severity of the car accident

· The initial hospitalization costs 

· Insurance coverage

· Quality of the documentation and proof to support or refute the claim

· Future medical expenses (therapy, lifetime medication, future medical procedures, etc.)

· Your responsibility for the incident

· Your lawyer’s skills in arguing your case or negotiating your settlement

For example, liability insurance in Texas has a minimum limit of $30,000 for each personal injury. If your medical expenses have exceeded $50,000 and the insurance coverage is only $30,000, you have the right to sue the other party to pay the remaining balance $20,000.

Extenuating damages include lifelong therapy, permanent disability, permanent loss of income, and loss of limbs arising from the injury. They would be computed into the amount of the total damages that can be awarded to you.

Modified Comparative Negligence

In settlement cases, Texas follows the doctrine of comparative fault. This means that responsibility will be allocated to each of the parties involved in the accident. However, when talking about the amount, the state has to ascertain joint and individual liability.

Texas follows the modified comparative negligence rule. This means that if you are 50% at fault, you won’t get compensation even if you suffered injury arising from the car crash. Your responsibility for the incident must be less than 50% to sue for damages. 

Financial Responsibility Law in Houston

In Houston, every time you operate a motor vehicle, it is assumed that you are aware of your financial responsibility. Among your responsibilities include purchasing liability insurance, surety bond, and others.

If you are found to have violated this rule, you are liable for the following penalties: 

· A fine of $175 to $350 for the first offense

· A fine of $350 to $1,000 for succeeding offenses

· Suspension of your driver’s license

· Vehicle impoundment

If the accident caused death or injury or severe damage to vehicle property, you might face a maximum fine of $4,000 or 1-year imprisonment, or both.

If you didn’t know about this rule, contact Houston car accident lawyers and see how they can help you. Even if you settle the case, that doesn’t prevent the city or the state from suing you for evading your financial responsibilities.

Protect yourself and get the help of attorneys specializing in car accident injuries in Houston. Don’t worry if you have no money. They don’t generally ask for upfront fees as they collect from the percentage of the total settlement amount.

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