How Long To Beat Sifu: All Missions And Post-Game Content

How Long To Beat Sifu: All Missions And Post-Game Content

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In Sifu, the latest game from Sloclap, you must become the kung-fu master and exact revenge on the assassins who killed your family. It’s an action brawler with a fascinating aging mechanic that causes your character to get older with each death. Although it doesn’t have many missions, they will likely take you longer to beat than you might expect, especially given how difficult the game is. Here’s how long it takes to beat Sifu, along with details about its mission structure, and post-game content.

How long to beat Sifu

Sifu is a highly skill-dependent game. Fighting and action game experts will likely be able to get through it much faster, while inexperienced players will probably spend double (if not more) time getting through.

In general, it should take you around 10 hours to beat the five main missions, while earning the coveted 100% completion status could take you upwards of 15 hours. However, a player who knows the game inside and out could conceivably speedrun the entire game in only a couple of hours, so be prepared to learn as you make your way through the story.

Sifu mission list – All missions and bosses

Consider this your boss battle spoiler warning. The five Sifu missions, and their related bosses, are as follows:

  • The Squats – Fajar (The Botanist)
  • The Club – Sean (The Fighter)
  • The Museum – Kuroki (The Artist)
  • The Tower – Jinfeng (The CEO)
  • The Sanctuary – Yang (The Leader)

On paper, Sifu might seem like a short experience given that it only has five levels. However, these stages are fairly long, and when you consider you’ll be getting pummeled for the first half of the game as you learn the ropes, you can expect to spend much longer with it.

On top of that, you’re encouraged to replay missions to try and complete them with fewer deaths. Each level starts you off at the lowest age you were when you finished the previous one. As you unlock more skills and simply figure out the mechanics, you’ll want to revisit stages so you can beat them at a younger age.

Five Levels May Seem Lacking, Until You Realize How Much Each Will Test You.
Five levels may seem lacking, until you realize how much each will test you.

For example, when you first beat the starting mission, it might take you until age 30. This means you’ll start the second level at age 30, which isn’t terrible, but you’d be better off if you were younger.

The older you get, the less health you’ll have, and certain abilities are restricted to specific age ranges. Eventually, you can get so old that you’ll die for good, meaning you’ll need to restart the level you’re on currently. So, for best results, try and go back to earlier levels to finish them at a younger age to help you with the subsequent stage.

Another neat feature is the ability to unlock keys that grant access to shortcuts in prior levels. For instance, the third stage, The Museum, has a key that opens a door in The Club. Revisit The Club, use the key, and unlock a shortcut to get through the level faster, increasing your odds of beating it at a younger age.

Sifu post-game content

Sifu has a slew of collectibles littered throughout each stage, along with missable dialogue segments. If you collect them all, you’ll unlock the True Ending of the game, which is deeply tied to the overall message of Sifu. We won’t spoil it here, but suffice to say that the true ending goes beyond a revenge story, with a greater emphasis on redemption, rather than killing.

You can replay missions as much as you’d like, so be sure to go back and grab all the collectibles if you want to see the True Ending in Sifu.

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