How to Create a Blog That Will Make You Money


Stranded on how to start a blog that will earn you money? See our guide on how to create one

How to make money through a blog

Currently, most people across the globe are doing their best to find new money-making methods. The economy is not doing okay, and a significant number of people have lost jobs, mostly temporarily. Making money from home is now very crucial. However, this is not as easy as marketing bots make it seem on social media platforms. The good thing is it’s not very bad either.


One of the most consistent money makers on the internet is blogging. This has been quite popular for several decades. Many individuals across the world read and interact with blogs about any topic you can think of. The perfect time for you to start earning money from your knowledge and insight is now.


Before you begin making cash from a blog, you need to follow specific basic principles. Below is how you can start a blog that makes money.


Look for a niche

One of the most common questions among most wannabe bloggers is: what can I say that another person has not already said? It is a legitimate question because there is a myriad of bloggers on the internet already attracting many visitors.


Because of this, it is essential to find a niche. For some people, their instincts suggest that to attract many people, they need to write about many different topics. However, the opposite applies if you want to attract consistent readers.


For instance, imagine you plan to start a gambling blog. This blog will be among other millions of similar blogs. Luck will be on your side, or you must have proper connections for someone to see your blog. However, when you start a blog about Jackpot City mobile casino, you can have different results. You have a big chance of a big audience and not too many competitors.


The fact is, with billions of people accessing the internet, there is a massive audience for any content out there. Your biggest worry should be going to a crowded area with competitors.


CMS and hosting

Although blogging does not need people to acquire technical skills, there are several fundamentals that you need. The first thing you need is finding a hosting. It is through hosting that your site will get online, to begin with. It is a server’s space that hosts your site, among others, and connects them to the internet.


You also need a CMS (content management system). One such platform is WordPress that offers all the items you want to start a practical and attractive site. WordPress is a free hosting site. It is the most common CMS across the globe.



SEO or search engine optimization is what makes you visible on Google and other search engines. When you use the correct keywords and several techniques, your site will the number one result to appear when there is a search for a relevant topic.


Note that SEO nowadays is more than filling a page with keywords. Your domain name is crucial, so it wise to spend enough time designing an attractive URL. Readability is vital. However, this will be easy if you are writing quality content.


Research and read on the latest SEO strategies. There are many blogs online with such content.



There is a myriad of methods to monetize your blog. Several CMS platforms make it possible to connect to Google AdWords using plugins. The Google AdWords direct targeted ads to your site, and you get cash when your visitors click these ads.


Another way of making money is by getting affiliate links. Such links are linked to firms that reward you with a commission for sales you influence by promoting or mentioning them on your website.


Do not sell out your blog to make money. Readers hate this and will stop visiting your website since they will stop trusting your content. Make sure all the affiliate links can be trusted, and you have mentioned them organically.


Despite things being hard currently, you can still earn money through blogging with some effort. Just try! You lose nothing.


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