How to Discuss With Others About Your Learning Disabilities

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One of the most difficult subjects to discuss is our personal shortcoming. No one likes to make a point that they have a learning disability. Whether in school or at the office, it is tough to talk about your learning disabilities. This article is going to give you the exact strategy to handle this difficult situation.

Let's start by gaining a mutual understanding about what learning disabilities mean for your career and life. Before you start bashing yourself for shortcomings understanding that everyone has shortcomings and limiting beliefs. Just because you need more time to read some information or make some spelling errors this does not mean you will not be successful. The world will not end if you struggle with math or any other subject. Having said that, your inability to identify your strengths will hurt you in your career.

Everyone is good at something. Before you enter a discussion with others know that you have value. Do not accept what the little voice in your head tells you. If any person you are friends with told you the stuff you tell yourself, you probably will not be friends with them any more! Correct? Do not let your own beliefs get in the way of your success.

Here is the strategy to discuss your learning disabilities with others:

It's called the sandwich approach. You make a sandwich with your comments. Start with a positive statement about yourself, next explain yourcoming, and finish with a positive. Simplest explanation: Positive, Negative, and Positive.

Do not make your issues bigger or more important than they are. Everyone has personal issues. We must identify what our own are and avoid them.

-Tip: Practice this approach before using it.


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