How to Effectively Soundproof Your Home Office



Working at home offers tons of advantages. It lets you work, sleep, and play anytime you want. You can be with your family and friends anytime they need you. It allows you to control almost everything in your life. However, the noise around you will keep you from working peacefully at home.

Often, noise-cancelling headsets cannot fulfil their promise to keep your customers or clients from hearing what’s on your background. Furthermore, it is hard to focus on work in a noisy environment.

Below are some of the most effective ways to soundproof your office using acoustic solutions from Autex


Soundproof your walls

Most home offices share walls with other rooms in the house. If the other side of your office is a kids’ room, then expect much noise from it, ranging from shouting to heavy thuds. All you need is to install acoustic panels or tiles on your office walls. These acoustics solutions can absorb any sound and keep the outside noise from entering your room.

Aside from soundproofing your office, you can also express your personality through its different designs. Whether you are a quiet writer or a loud audio editor, the design of these acoustic solutions can make your room as relaxing as you can imagine.

If you are sharing your office with another remote worker, you can use hanging screens as the partition. These screens would keep the room quiet even if two or more people are talking altogether.


Soundproof your ceiling

If you are working with audio, you need to hear the sound clearly so you can check the bits and pieces of your work. It would be hard if the soundwaves are bouncing from ceiling to the floor. An excellent solution to this problem is to install an Autex acoustic ceiling system. It can absorb the noise and prevent it from bouncing downwards.

Also, installing an acoustic ceiling system can help alleviate the sound coming from the upper level of your house. Moreover, it could give your space an excellent office ambiance making you more productive.


Don’t forget the door and the floor

No matter how thick your door is, the tiny space around it will let the noise go in and out of your office. If having a sliding door is not on your options, you can count on rubber door seals. These seals work as a noise blocker, keeping any sound from entering or leaving the room.

If you are on the upper level, noisy neighbours below can be very annoying, especially if you have to go down the stairs and tell them to tone down. Installing a nice, thick carpet can block their noise and make your room extra elegant.

Working in a quiet place helps you become productive. Investing in the acoustic system could save you from potentially losing some clients, your work, and income because of noise. Furthermore, it makes your home office look nice and clean.


You can use soundproofing solutions such as the ones from Autex not only in your home office. It also goes well to enhance your entertainment room. It could give you a better experience when you are watching in your home theatre, playing video games, or jamming with your band. You can also install it in the bedroom, and have an excellent, uninterrupted sleep.


By Cathy Carter
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