How to Get a Girl Attracted to You Using the "YGA" Method



Not many men know that they don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or have killer looks and deep pockets to make women fall for them. Often, men think that those who are good looking with lots of money are the ones who bag the babes. However, it’s almost NOT about the looks and money. Read on to find out the foolproof way to get a girl attracted to you using what I call the patented “YGA” Method.

The “Y” refers to YOURSELF. Call it character, personality, or ‘inner game’ – often the biggest factor that makes or breaks attraction is WHO you are. Start by building an “inventory” of who you are by listing down your own characteristics. Now, list down the traits that you WANT to own, and start on your journey on being the man you want to be.

The danger in reinventing yourself is that you may need to ‘fake it until you make it’. However, during the process of ‘faking it’, women will inevitably be able to detect it if you are incongruent with what you portray yourself to be. This will show if you are not comfortable in your own company. Therefore, it is important to come across as genuine.

The “G” refers to being a GENTLEMAN. While it is common belief nowadays that men have to be slightly cocky and arrogant in order to make an impression on women, old-fashioned chivalry still has its place in this time and age. In general, everyone wants to be respected. In this context, being a gentleman will score you major points.

The “A” in the monicker “YGA Method” is ATTENTIVENESS. If you pay attention to the small things, it will pay off in a big time for you. For example, take notice if she puts on a new skirt or is sporting a new hairstyle. You don’t have to buy her expensive presents all the time, although little gifts do make a strong impression.



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