Guidelines When Finding the Best Dance Shoes

by Lily White
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Dancing is fun. The number of people joining dancing classes is on the rise. For those that need a fun activity take some dance classes. Besides, there are many dance training institutions available to different people. Whether you want to train in Latin or ballroom dance, you are guaranteed to have fun. However, once you have gained skills beyond the training stage, your next step is buying the right dance shoes. The right pair will make your dancing lessons easier and more fun. However, once you buy a dance shoe, you need to know the different brands in the market. Selecting the best brand may take work, especially when purchasing for the first time.

Like buying clothes, there are many essential aspects to consider to ensure you have the right pair and a dance shoe that meets your needs. Some brands will fit well with your feet type. However, choosing ballroom shoes is a personal decision. In this article, you will find the various factors to consider when selecting the ideal dance shoe type. They include;

1. Stability

Different brands of dance shoes are well-designed. They allow dancers to take long or short steps. A good shoe enables you to walk both heels first and the first. However, if your shoe cannot allow you to make different moves, then it is not the most suitable to dance with. Consider a shoe that will enable you to move freely and have a perfect balance. The heel must be stable instead of wobbly.

2. Fit

The right shoe fits snugly and does not feel tight on your feet. The right should not put pressure on the ends of your toes. Instead, select a shoe that has a perfect fit. Avoid the narrow shoe. At first, the fitting may feel okay, but after a while, the dancer may start experiencing excruciating pain. Be careful when deciding how your shoe fits, and ensure it is not squeezing. Also, remember that your feet may expand a bit after dancing for some time, especially if the weather is hot.

3. Consider the Right Height

Dancing shoes are available in different heights. This is both men and women. The Latin dance shoe has a higher heel than the ballroom shoe. The higher type allows the dancer to have a more and better hip movement. However, the trick is to choose a heel that makes you feel comfortable and not strains. However, there is no particular heel recommended or restriction. Dancers are free to choose a heel they feel most comfortable wearing. Also, dance shoes and heels come in different shapes and thicknesses. If your ankles cannot support the narrow heels o for, the thicker type for better stability.

4. Materials

Dance shoes are designed using different types of materials. Some of them include plain leather, patent leather, canvas, or satin. The best trick is ensuring the material used in designing ballroom shoes is strong and easy to maintain. Find a material that is easy to clean and does not get dirty quickly. Avoid materials that become soft fast and lose their shape quickly. Instead, find a shoe that will serve you longer and give your feet the most support.


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