Kane is a victim of ‘poisonous accusations’ – claims Fowler

Kane is a victim of ‘poisonous accusations’ – claims Fowler

by Emily Smith
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Date published: Friday 24th September 2021 8:51 – Lewis Oldham

Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane is a victim of “snide comments and poisonous accusations”, according to former Premier League striker Robbie Fowler.

Kane was keen to leave Spurs this summer. Manchester City were interested in him but they could not agree a fee for the forward.

The Englishman eventually confirmed that he will remain at Tottenham for the 2021/22 campaign.

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Kane has struggled so far this term as he has not scored from his four Premier League games.

In his column for the Mirror, Fowler has defended the forward. He believes that Kane’s dip in form is not down to his desire to leave:

“I’ve heard all the snide comments and poisonous accusations, but I’d be amazed if Harry Kane is [winding it in] at Spurs.

“Yeah, no doubt, he’s had a bad start to the season. And yes, Tottenham’s last two Premier League performances have been disastrous. But it’s just lazy to suggest the reason for that is he doesn’t want to play any more.

“It’s easy isn’t it, almost an easy way out for people to explain away problems. But one thing I’ve always seen in Harry Kane is the dedication – the obsession even – of a truly professional, committed footballer.

“No doubt he wanted to go to City in the summer. No doubt he’d have been angry and upset when it didn’t come off – not least because he’d have felt he was lied to, duped if you like, over an agreement he thought he had.

“That can affect you, sure. But as a striker myself, I know his first priority is to do well and score goals. And it doesn’t matter if you’re unhappy, you still go out and do your job.

“Of course there have been players who have chucked it off, downed tools. I remember Jamie Carragher said as much – very publicly – about Fernando Torres when he was sulking for a move to Chelsea.

“Not Kane. Not for me. I’ve been there myself when you’re so unhappy and disillusioned. There was a time at Liverpool when I was so frustrated and angry at not playing under Gerard Houllier. In the end, I left because of it.

“But I can say hand on heart I never once downed tools. It never affected my performance. I was always desperate to get out there and score goals for the team. I don’t think you can get to the top of the game like Harry has, without that.”

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