How to Have a Fun Christmas Eve?


Christmas Eve marks the end of Advent, the time of preparation for Christmas. As far as popular customs are concerned, Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas itself. Celebrating Christmas as a holiday became popular in the 19th century. Christmas Eve remains an important part of Christian culture, marking the birth of Jesus. It became even more popular in the last century thanks to a much-loved icon: Santa Claus. The idea of ​​the merry man in red spawned more traditions like hanging his socks and leaving no cookies, milk, and sometimes carrots for his reindeer.

Apart from Santa Claus and Christianity, Christmas Eve has another meaning – it has also become a time for dinner, decorations, gift wrapping and Christmas-themed movies with family and loved ones. The holiday brings family and friends together to enjoy special and traditional events from Europe, North and Latin America to Asia. Everyone may be busy with holiday shopping, cooking, baking, and possibly other things planned as they prepare for Christmas on Christmas Eve. Here are some suggestions for some fun Christmas activities to enjoy this holiday season.

Decorate the Christmas tree with the family

Although there are usually fir trees and artificial simulation trees when buying Christmas trees. The real tree has a faint woody fragrance, and people are in the atmosphere of Christmas. But real trees are heavy and prone to withering, requiring constant maintenance. The high price and waste are really not conducive to the protection of the wallet. The artificial tree is more economical and affordable, it can be recycled once bought, and does not require regular maintenance.

Everyone, please pay attention to safety when hanging lanterns. Hang decorations on the branches with large upper and lower intervals. In addition to bells and colored balls, you can also hang bows, candies, gold and silver ribbons, glass pendants, and cartoon images of Santa Claus. Besides, Christmas gifts to be given to relatives and friends need to be placed under the Christmas tree. All this is best done during the day on Christmas Eve.

Watch an exclusive holiday movie

It would be nice if there was a private theater at home, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t. On Christmas Eve, everyone sits around the TV or in front of the screen, and watching a Christmas-related movie is also very good. Old movies such as Christmas Express, A Christmas Tale, and Home Alone can all be rewatched with the family, especially those with young children. Or a newly released movie in theaters is also worth considering, which is a good choice. In addition, many TV stations will have special programs at Christmas, which can also be one of many options.

Prepare a sumptuous and special Christmas Eve dinner

Roasted polenta, topped with some cream and various fruits. It tastes very sweet and delicious. Desserts after dinner usually include plums, pudding and mince pies, etc., implying good luck. Some families also make roast turkey, roast ham, salmon, pudding, plums, mince pies, fruit cocktails, and creamy mashed potatoes. Plates are eye-catching, and they can be viewed as a Christmas Eve meal guide.

Play fun games with the family

Although Christmas Eve is the foreshadowing of Christmas, this night is often grander than Christmas, and it is also an excellent party. When families get together, they can play some interesting games, such as table football, cosplay, online games, Christmas quiz, snowball fights, Monopoly, and indoor treasure hunting. Through the appropriate reward and punishment mechanism, family members can participate together, and playing games will effectively enhance the relationship between family members and mutual understanding.

Unwrap Christmas presents

Many people, especially children, wait weeks before Christmas Eve to receive secret gifts. The family sits around the Christmas tree and unwraps their long-awaited presents. The excitement and joy during the process are beyond words. Children are generally elated when they receive all kinds of novelty toys, thinking it is a gift from their favorite Santa Claus, and adults will also send gifts such as books, chocolates, household appliances, bonsai and so on. You can pick and buy gifts like those in advance on Amazon or other gift sellers. If you’re on a budget, check out gift coupons to save money.

Watch a Christmas community drama

If there is a Christmas-related play in your area, such as The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol, you can go to the theater or community center to watch it with your family. You will create interesting Christmas Eve memories and spend this perfect night with more people. Then you go home and have a big meal to end the night.

Build a cute snowman

Generally, Christmas Eve is accompanied by the coldness of winter, and heavy snow falls from the sky. There may be a lot of snow piled up in front of every house. In addition to sweeping out the road, we can also use the snow to build a snowman. Don’t forget to decorate it with a scarf, some buttons, some twigs and a hat, or DIY to create your very own unique snowman.

There are many interesting activities to do on Christmas Eve. If you don’t have any plans at present, don’t want to be bored on Christmas Eve, and don’t want to just wait for the arrival of the next morning, the above suggestions will provide you with some good inspiration and brighten your life.


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