How to Increase Your Child’s Interest in Core Subjects


As a parent, there are many reasons why you might want your child to become more interested in the core subjects. Perhaps it’s because you’re proficient in a core subject yourself and want to share your passions with them, or maybe it’s simply because you know that before college, getting good grades in the core subjects is essential for your child’s future. Even if your child is the creative and arty type, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t encourage their passion for creativity along with a solid interest in the core subjects, to provide them with a winning combination for their future success. Here are some suggestions that you might enjoy when it comes to encouraging your child to be more interested in the core subjects.

1. Tailor to their Learning Style

If you want to help your child gain more of an interest in the core subjects, then it’s important to ensure that any homework and revision that you do with them is tailored to their learning style. Think about how your child learns best. For example, do they take things in better when reading, listening, or even by putting things into practice in real life situations? When learning is tailored to your child’s individual style, they’re in with a much better chance of retaining the information.

2. Apply Knowledge in Real Life

Getting your child to have a bigger interest in the core subjects can be tricky if they’re of the opinion that it’s just something boring that they have to do for school. Instead, finding fun real-life situations where they can apply this knowledge and build their everyday skills at the same time can make a huge difference. For example, you could have your child create a shopping list with some items that they want, then have them work out how much money they will need by adding together the prices. After giving them more than required, they can then work out how much change they will get.

3. Use Games and Puzzles

Children love to play games, especially if this means that they get to spend more quality time with mom and dad. Arithmetic-based games and puzzles can be an excellent way to get your child more interested in the core subject, as it’ll teach them that not only are the core subjects necessary in life, they are also fun and exciting too! Many children who go on to pursue STEM education as young adults do so because they found the STEM subjects fun as a child.

4. Explore the Possibilities

Children tend to be amazed by things such as spaceships, scientific experiments, and big inventions that can be viewed at science museums and exhibitions all over the country. Taking your child to space museums, for example, could encourage a bigger interest in science and maths that can affect their choice of future career.

Is your child finding it difficult to focus on the core subjects? Let us know in the comments if any of these suggestions work for you.

By Nina Mosely

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