How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

by Lily White
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This article from is about nutrition basics for learners, a common sense guide to health and wellness and the role of nutrition to restore and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You will be given the use of nutrition knowledge and nutrition basics to maintain and improve health, to restore health, to prevent the onset of illnesses and diseases and to reverse existing sicknesses and disease.

You will be given the basic information on nutrition as a base to further one’s knowledge in more complex aspects of health and wellness, with the basic information known and applied, one can guarantee one’s own health under one’s own control and responsibility.

Basic – (forming a base, a fundamental, most important, essential, elementary).

Definition of Health

State of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease.

Derivation – (hale – whole – total; complete).

Definition of Nutrition

Nutrition is the study of building and maintaining health.

If you want to be and stay healthy, you will need nutrition knowledge!

The Path to Health, Wealth and Prosperity

To attain wealth and prosperity, it starts with your health!

What is health? What is wellness? Why does one get sick? Why does one get tired, stressed, depressed, put on extra weight and become obese, have poor concentration, joint pains, allergies, diabetes, heart diseases, eczema, poor immune system with colds, flu’s and post nasal drips, etc?

Sickness, pain, often tired, restless sleeps, hyperactivity, etc. is a non-ideal state of the body, which is normally created from a poor or lack of knowledge and use of NUTRITION basics. To regain and maintain health and stay healthy, one needs to know and apply nutrition.

What is nutrition? It is the study of health. Therefore, if you want to be healthy and well, some basic knowledge of nutrition will take you back to your ideal state of health. Your body is in its ideal state when you have an abundance of energy, you are always alive, are happy, you have peaceful sleeps, are never tired, the body is at its ideal weight, no pains and can cope with any stressful situation. You are able to take on any tasks with enthusiasm and are achieving your goals. You have no need or cravings for drugs and alcohol to reach that state.

What are the basics of nutrition that you should know for you to gain control of your own health and wellness and bring your body back to its ideal state?

First of all you should realise that if the condition of your body is not in its ideal state and if it carries on that way, you are moving into more and more pain and will end up dying in pain. DECIDE you would rather live and in the future die without pain and that you can get your body back to its ideal state. DECIDE there is a need to change your eating habits before it brings you to ruin, despair and agony in the future. Realise that if you knew your nutrition basics and applied them well, you would be experiencing your ideal state every day.

So look honestly and ask yourself, are you experiencing your ideal state? If not, then maybe there is something for you to learn that can take you to the ideal state. DECIDE you will seek for the knowledge that will guide you to your path to Health and Wellness.

Have you decided to walk that path? Good!

Read the health article on how to live a healthy lifestyle.



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