How to spend less on food during your trip abroad


Traveling can be an expensive venture, and savings on food often goes unnoticed. But for those who want to trim their budgets, it’s entirely possible to save big when it comes to the food you eat on holiday. In this article, we’ll go in depth on some of the best ways to save money on food while traveling.


Best Ways To Save Money On Food When Traveling


1. Supermarkets

This is perhaps the most obvious tip for saving money while traveling, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t take advantage of it. Splurging on meals out in restaurants can really put a dent in your wallet-easily more than $50 per person each day.

To save money, try incorporating more things you buy from supermarkets into your trip’s meals. Opt for cooler food such as sandwiches and salads that come with their own containers, and go to the local supermarket to stock up on staples like bread and water. You can also make a lot of meals at home in bulk, such as pasta dishes and sandwich fillings.


2. Markets And Cafes Instead of Fancy Restaurants

Another easy way to save money while traveling is to eat out at markets and cafes instead of fancy restaurants. Markets and cafes are less expensive, and they often have stalls or sit-down areas where you can buy a variety of things.

When it comes to food, the best places to find cheap eats are in smaller cities or remote locations-places where touristy restaurants aren’t as commonplace. Take advantage of budget menus at these spots, and try not to splurge too much on luxury dishes.


3. Eat At The Restaurants for Locals

If you are staying in an expensive city, it can be tempting to eat in the city center. However, the restaurants there will cost a fortune so, instead, eat out at places that locals go to. For example, a simple breakfast at a cafe might cost half of what you can expect to pay for some brunches near the hustle and bustle of the city centers.


4. Use Eatapp to Book Tables And View Menu Prices In Advance

One of the best ways to save money on food when traveling is to use websites like EatApp. This site allows you to create an account, and then view the prices for restaurants near your destination before you even book a table. What’s more, this site allows you to compare prices across multiple restaurants, so it does all the work for you and shows you where savings will be available.


5. High-Protein Food

Eating out can be a very pricey affair. However, there are foods that can help you save some money on food while traveling, such as high-protein foods. These include meats like chicken and tuna fish, which can save you quite a bit of money when it comes to eating out. On top of that, these protein-rich foods tend to be filling so you won’t feel like eating more than usual at the end of a meal.


6. When Considering Hotels, Try To Get An All-Inclusive Package

With everything from toiletries to breakfast-covered, all-inclusive packages can save you heaps of money when it comes to hotels on holiday. Not only do they cut down the cost of food, but they also allow you to relax completely because you won’t have the added stress of budgeting and staying within your means.

Don’t forget these kinds of deals because they will prove a great way to save money on food when traveling. Many all-inclusive packages will cover a few or even all meals you’ll need on your trip.


Final Thoughts

There are many ways to save money while traveling by eating out in restaurants, buying local groceries and preparing your own food at home. It’s also possible to find some great deals on all-inclusive packages that will cover your food needs as well as other important areas such as accommodation and transportation.

When you consider how much money is being spent in a day, you’ll find that food is one of the biggest expenses-something easily covered by frugal eating. Now that you’re aware of these tips, it should be easy to save your money for items like travel souvenirs instead of pricey restaurant meals when out on holiday.


By Valeriia Malecha

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