How to Understand That Your Online Dating Will Lead to Something


Guys often doubt whether to continue online communication and whether the girl will respond next time. The most important reason to continue communicating is desire. If you do not want to communicate, it is better not to force yourself to write something to someone. Besides, the unwillingness to communicate very quickly reveals to the interlocutor.


It is quite easy to guess when a person is not interested in communicating. For example, short answers, lack of initiative, and no emotions, in other words, “dry” correspondence. If you feel this attitude from a girl, it is better to stop this acquaintance. And look for other Russian brides who will be interested in communicating with you.


Format of Correspondence

The format of correspondence is very important. The presence of flirting speaks volumes. This is not only an interest but also some special communication that brings both interlocutors positive emotions and draws smiles on their faces. Besides, this indicates that the acquaintance can develop into closer communication.


If at first, communication is easy for both of you, then everything is okay. Most likely, such correspondence will later turn into a relationship in real life. Discomfort in communication for your interlocutor is very easy to recognize:

  • short messages;
  • communication takes place in the format of an interview — one asks a question, the other answers it;
  • a lack of initiative and interest towards you.


You will not be able to eliminate this discomfort. And who will like it when interlocutors continue to chat because they are afraid to offend. It is better to immediately stop such correspondence and find a more compliant and interested interlocutor.


Tips for Guys in Communicating With Girls on the Internet

Girls love persistent, resourceful, fun guys. For some women, intelligence is very important. Charismatic men attract more than handsome ones. Girls are very captivated by kindness and care. Find your good qualities and try to show them in correspondence. It is more pleasant for a person to communicate with an open and friendly interlocutor.


If you have any shortcomings, try to make them your advantages or show that you are not concerned about them. Of course, it’s all about adequate shortcomings. If you suffer from extreme shyness — warn the girl, preferably in a humorous form. Tell her about a particular feature or your fear, for example, that you blush or start to stutter slightly. Tell her a story related to this. Then in most cases, the interlocutor will find it nice, and she will want to support you.


Final Words

Remember that girls like initiative guys and, as a rule, do not waste their time on those with whom they are not interested in communicating. Therefore, if you see that a girl is flirting with you in correspondence, you can safely ask her for a phone number and make an appointment in the future. It is unlikely that the girl will refuse you, can only doubt, but rather flirtatious.


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