How to Update Your Office Wardrobe


Wearing your own clothes gives you the chance to choose an office wardrobe that you love, but sometimes we can get set in our ways and begin to tire of our look.  Following a uniform policy gives you some control over what you wear, and there is no reason why you can’t look professional and stylish. If you are struggling with what to wear as you are bored of your wardrobe, starting a new job, or just want a whole new office look, check out these simple tips to update your office wardrobe.

A New Suit

There are so many matching suits out there that there is no need to always wear black unless your company specifically says so. Suits come in a variety of patterns and colors, so you can get a skirt suit or pantsuit that is both professional and fashionable. The best way to feel comfortable in a suit is to ensure that you buy the right size and get it tailored if needed. Wearing a suit that fits properly makes the biggest difference to how we look and how we feel and is worth the extra cash. Once you have found a suit you love, and one that fits well, you can then change up your look each day with different accessories and blouses. Both winter and summer scarves can brighten up your outfit, as well as some statement earrings.


We all love an excuse to buy a new handbag, and what better excuse is there than for work! A new handbag can really jazz up any outfit and if you find one that goes with your office wardrobe, you are on to a winner. Backpacks are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world with lovely offerings from designers such as Chloé, and although this is something you may not have associated with an office look before, it is something you should certainly think about now. Backpacks are not only easier to carry and, therefore, more practical, they often have more space for tablets or small laptops. We love these Chloé products from SSENSE, including the Chloé Backpack, that fits in perfectly with any office look and could also be worn outside of work. For those that like to go for drinks after work, the Chloé Bag range can be professional and fashionable all at once.


If you wear glasses, or even if you don’t, a pair of glasses can add style to any look whilst also being practical. One of the most emerging styles in glasses at the moment for both men and women are circle shaped rims. Although glasses are there for a purpose, there is no reason that they cannot be fashionable. For those that wear contact lenses, finding a pair of glasses you love can give you a whole new look. For anyone that is lucky enough to have 20/20 vision, bear in mind that many people now wear glasses for fashion without prescription lenses. With designers such as Dior and Ray-ban behind this, there are plenty to choose from.

Wide Flare Pants

Old school fashion is coming back, and this includes wide flare pants. Many office workers are going for the wide flare look and there’s no surprise when they are not only super comfortable, they also go with anything. There are many office chic styles to choose from, some being very subtle whilst others will really make a statement in the office. Black wide flare pants can make any outfit look more stylish and fun if you like more of a simple look. Teamed with a tucked in blouse and a jacket, you will be loving your new office wardrobe in no time. To find the right look for you, check out this great guide to wearing wide flare pants in the office.


Heels or shoes, many people first look at what someone is wearing on their feet. Finding a pair that goes with your outfits and is comfortable can be hard. For those women who find it difficult to wear high heels, but who want to stand tall, platforms are making a huge comeback. Some designers have taken the classic office shoe and changed them into something quirky and new, bringing a touch of fun to your office wardrobe. Platform shoes are great for the office, as without too much of a heel, they are perfect for anyone bored of their flats.

As more and more people work in offices, designers are taking this into consideration and making office wear much more fashionable. From suits to bags, there are many options out there that could be worn in and out of the office, making those after work drinks even more tempting. If you want to update your office wardrobe, there is no better time than now.


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