How to Use Squidoo to Create an Online Business

by Lily White
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Squidoo is the best example of a social marketing site that allows you to create lenses that are like a focal point of interest that you are an expert in. By being part of social marketing site, you will be able to network with other people interested in showing off their expertise too and that can build traffic to your site.

One of the many advantages to using Squidoo to help you get noticed is that you can do sales calls for action and it will not get you banned from the site. Squidoo is crawled by the Google spider and so there are many ways to use the power of Google to get your Squidoo lens ranked higher and attract people through the search engine dynamics. Meanwhile, it's perfectly okay to advertise your own products, your affiliate products, or anything else you want to promote on your Squidoo lens.

What's Up With Squidoo?

In order to learn how to maximize the potential to draw attention from Squidoo, you have to understand some of its features. Squidoo's main feature is a lens, which consist of a single web page used to promote anything that matters to you. You can use it to recommend products or services to other people. You can use it promote yourself, a topic, or your business. You can even earn royalties off the lenses that you create.


The lens is not just used to create sales copy, although many people use them this way. They are also getting the word out about things that interest you or that that might interest other people. You are able to create up to 10 lenses a day on any topic you desire. However, creating a lens that gets attention is something of an art form. You do not want it to appear to be too commercial, and you do not want to spam a lot of keywords, but you do want to use strategies that can bring in traffic and convert to sales later.

When you write a lens, the best way to think of what content to add is to think of the various topics you are an expert on. Squidoo likes to remind people that they are like a cross between Friendster and Wikipedia. You want to be sociable, but you also want to get interesting and accurate information across to the readers of your lens. You want to narrow that topic so that it becomes a brand, of sorts. It should be very clear, it should have a niche, and you should strive to make it interesting.

SquidU is the area for learning all things Squidoo. It is a bulletin board style format that allows you to see major categories of topics and search the database for topics of concern to you. If you are brand new to Squidoo, it can be very helpful to connect with people who know more than you do. They can help you optimize your pages, create attractive profiles, and guide you on the best way to use Squidoo for your particular topic. You are not only learning this way, but you are also networking. If you start to create online friendships with other Squidoo users they may come to your lens and vote on it, increasing the ranking. The more people that notice and rank your lens, the more that it will become a magnet for people on the Internet.
Google AdWords

You lens should be optimized for Google AdWords. You can pick any title you want for the lens and Squidoo will recommend a keyword, if it finds it in your title. Otherwise, you will want to do a little research on your own before you actually build the lens to make sure you've picked some good keywords to include in your lens. You can do this through the Google AdWords Keyword Tool located here:

Using this third-party tool to help customize your Squidoo lens will help you to draw traffic from the Google search engines, and also increase your advertising payout. All you have to do is think of what niche you are interested in marketing and start plugging them into the keyword tool. It will pull up associated keywords that you can use. You can choose to pick your keywords on various factors: volume, CPC payout, or the amount of competition for that keyword out on the Internet. You can even decide your own formula for which keywords are more attractive than others. Thank choose at least four to be able to fill out the Squidoo lens. Use one in the title and add the other three when they are requested.

Plexo Links

Squidoo has several modules you can set up in the profile. There are a variety of Plexo modules you can use with Squidoo. A plexo module allows people who visit your lens to see a list of the content you've chosen and vote on it. Odds are, if the plexo link list is really interesting, you would come back to see whether your choices are ranking higher or lower, as other people vote on them too. This has the effect of getting you repeat traffic, which is the same as lots more traffic, but with a loyalty and name brand recognition factor thrown in.

Plexo links can be from a variety of formats. You can use a module for Plexo text, a link list, Amazon, YouTube, and Flickr content. The Amazon Plexo module allows you to display more than five Amazon products on your lens, which you can not do elsewhere in your profile. Interactive lists, like Plexo link lists, are an excellent way to capture attention and keep it.

Finally, another feature of Plexo link lists is that other Squidoo lensmasters can hijack them into their own lenses. This gives you, the author, a targeted link on someone else's lens. If you happen to build a Plexo link list that is very popular, you will have multiple links all over Squidoo. When that happens, you can much more traffic from people who see the list, spot the actual author, and go to check your lens to see the rest of what you have to say, since you are the expert.


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