Hunt: Showdown’s New Map Includes Shrek’s House And Smash Mouth Toilet

Hunt: Showdown’s New Map Includes Shrek’s House And Smash Mouth Toilet

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Hunt: Showdown has no shortage of creepy locations and terrifying beasts, but its new DeSalle map is home to the game’s most fearsome creature yet: a surly green ogre with a very fake Scottish accent. Redditor zzilla8 spotted Shrek’s signature shack in Hunt: Showdown’s new bayou level, roughly in the bottom-left part of the map.

And yes, the toilet that Smash Mouth made famous is also on the property, if you’re brave enough to let the world roll you to that part of the swamp.

In other Shrek-related news that’ll make you feel especially old, the DreamWorks-produced franchise is celebrated the 20th anniversary of when the first film in the series arrived in cinemas, all the way back in April 2001.

A massive success for the animation studio, Shrek created numerous sequels, spin-offs, and animated series over several years. Shrek also made Smash Mouth even more popular with its All Star single, a track that almost never made it into the film according to the band, who also contributed a cover of I’m a Believer for the closing scene.

As for Hunt: Showdown developer CryTek, there’s still so much to do and so much to see as it recently revamped the first Crysis game for PC and more modern console platforms.

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