ID@ Xbox Game Fest Demo Event Is Coming Next Week With Over 35 Demos

ID@ Xbox Game Fest Demo Event Is Coming Next Week With Over 35 Demos

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The ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest is a digital demo event coming on December 7, where players can try out new demos for future games coming to Xbox. There are over 35 of them being released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

According to Xbox Wire, the event will run through December 21. The demos at the event aren’t typical game demos as most people see them. In Xbox’s traditional demo channel on platforms like the Xbox Live storefront, the demos that are hosted there represent the final version of the games after they’ve nearly been completed. However, the demos at the Winter Game Fest are very early demos, similar to ones you’d see at a video game convention or trade show.

These demos will only be available for a limited time, although some might be re-published later. The full list of demos will be announced soon as the date nears December 7, but here are some of the highlights already announced:

  • Loot River – Loot River is a dungeon crawling, action roguelike that combines tense, real-time combat, and dark fantasy stylings, with some spatial block-shifting puzzles.
  • Death Trash – This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where cosmic horrors long for humanity but are met by punks with shotguns.
  • Blacktail – A retelling of Baba Yaga’s origin story set in surreal, grim Slavic folklore.
  • The Tale of Bistun – This is a story-driven action-adventure game inspired by the 12th Century tragic poem: Khosrow and Shirin. You play as a stone carver who wakes on Mount Bistun with amnesia.
  • Nobody Saves the World – An upcoming dungeon crawling game that follows a character named Nobody who wields a wand and can transform into 15 different forms, like magicians, robots, and dragons.

Speaking of the Game Awards 2021, the event is going to be held on December 9. Be sure how to watch The Game Awards, as well as at what time and what to expect.

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