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Instagram is a popular platform, especially for the young generation. It has attracted more the 800 million monthly users.Such statistics provide an excellent opportunity for your brand to succeed on Instagram. Your success is heavily dependent on the number of followers you have and the amount of traffic you can direct to your page. With the right strategies, you can build a successful brand on Instagram.

Here are the various marketing tips that will create your success on Instagram.

Understand your target audience.

Understanding your audience is the first step that any brand should take into consideration before starting their marketing on Instagram. Getting your audience right will enable you to create the right content that will interest them. You need to take the time to get to learn more about them. To achieve this, you can use the Instagram insights feature. It gives you the impressions of how many times your content was viewed, the total number of unique accounts that viewed each of your contents, how many clicks your profile received, how often your videos get viewed, how many people saved your posts and how often your followers are active. It gives you considerable information regarding your audience.

If you are starting, you can use the listening tool to attract new followers to your profile. The social listening tool will show you the conversations happening on Instagram and tell you people’s views regarding your brand.

Create eye-catching visuals.

A study shows that people tend to remember 80%of visuals as compared to texts. Instagram is a platform that was created for people to share their experiences through photos. When people decide to buy something, it’s always based on its appearance. To make your content eye-catching, you need to make significant and unique content.

To create fantastic content,you need to choose an overall theme for your content. To keep followers interested, you will need to change your style and subject often. A good way of changing the style is adding a quote image that is effortless to achieve. If you are not good at design use tools to help you.Some of these tools can be Wordswag, Typorama, Canva, Piktochart. These tools will enable you to make some good designs for your images.

 Know when to post your content.

Discover when your audience is most likely to be active and post your content. According to polls, Instagram is usually best active between 7-9 pm making it the best time to post your contents. You can post all your images, videos during that time when your audience is best paying attention to capture their interest. You will need to get a useful social media listening tool that will monitor your Instagram posts engagement by the users and tell you the time and date your followers tend to engage. Correcting this analysis will help you find the right time to post your content.

Engage your followers

Bombarding your audience with only sales materials makes your brand look less human. When you engage your followers, they share your content widely making it easier for more users to find you.

To encourage interaction with your audience, you can share their photos when downing your brands is a great way to create free marketing images from your fans as well as showing your fans that you value them. When other users come across such images, they will want to buy too since they have evidence of other people appreciating your brand.

Consider holding contests give your followers a chance to respond to your brand and at the same time get prizes for their contribution. It encourages creativity that can also provide your business ideas for free. The contest inclusive of valid hashtags can grow your audience and increase sales

Include the call to actions

Call to actions informs the audience what you expect their next step to be. Since Instagram gives an opportunity to add only one link, you can use link-in-bio to alert your followers that you have added the link on your description for them to click on it to get more information about your brand. Another effective way is to include an image with a promo code for users to pick other information they need. It will also help you to track sales.

Consider getting an Instagram influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the new trends that have become rampant on Instagram. Having them endorse your brand is an excellent way to attract traffic to your page and increase the popularity of your brand. To get the right influencer to make sure there are visible in your industry, vocal, can influence their follower’s decisions. Do not forget to check if they have a suitable audience that can buy. Some people tend to purchase Automatic Instagram Views from igautolike that do not account for an actual Instagram audience. You will not have the audience you require to identify with your brand.

It will cost you some money to get the services of an influencer, but it is a great way to market your brand. There some influencers who will accept your brand and take photos in them and if they like it, they will endorse your brand for free as long as they can keep your brand.

Tell your stories

Instagram has introduced a feature known as Instagram stories that allow you to tell your stories. You can post several stories about your brand.They also appear at the top of the followers feed making it highly visible. Each of the image or video lasts 24 hours and flows from one to the next. Just remember to keep them interesting to make the follower view them to the end. Ensure that they are different as well and focus on a good narrative. Since stories are intimate, let them be informal without killing their level of professionalism.

Final word

Marketing on Instagram is not as easy as it may sound. It is upon you to incorporate good marketing strategies that will help you to build a successful brand on the platform. With proper strategy your sales will increase rapidly to meet your goals.

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