Integrated Learning – A New Educational Perspective

by Lily White
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Integrated learning is a refined concept that accelerates clubbing of education with pleasure of learning with real life experiences. Integrated learning was designed to widen the scope of learning methodologies with a view to appeal to the large numbers of learners.

Integrated learning opened up innovative and skilled learning tools to the student and the teaching community. This education system has undergone various changes over a period of time. It has emerged as a technique that emphasizes on the cognitive learning coupled with overall intellectual development of the students in diversified sections. The main focus is on acquiring knowledge, growing and at the same time imbibing interest towards studies in the children.

This technique believes in fun filled learning. The process of learning should be enjoyed by the students. This helps them to explore the various opportunities awaiting them in the learning curve …

This concept covers all the aspects necessary for the development of the child. The learning tools involve intensive exercises ranging from puzzles, games, quizzes, real life experiences, pictions, fun filled activities. These exercises give a clear picture of the concept to be taught in the classroom.

The main motto behind this learning methodology is to create a student friendly, stress free environment. So let's welcome this learning technique with a big applaud. This was a dream that has finally taken the shape of reality.

Believe it or not but due to the implementation of this learning technique, the students feel that the schools are their second homes.



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