Is It Really Worth Trying To Lose Weight In November?



November can be quite a strange month if you are currently thinking about losing some weight. On the one hand you do of course want to be a little bit thinner, but on the other hand you know that you are likely to gain weight over Christmas, so it’s probably a waste of time.

So should you even try to lose weight in November?

Well my best advice would be to take a common sense approach during this particular month. It may not be wise to sign up to a weight loss club or pay money for some new diet pills, but you should still be leading a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not a big dieter myself because I have always stayed extremely fit and work out several times a week, and I often find myself losing weight unintentionally.

So the key is to keep exercising during November and forget about trying to lose weight because it may come naturally if you are constantly burning lots of calories.

It is always advantageous to be a few pounds lighter heading into Christmas and New Year because then you can afford to indulge yourself over this party season and have some fun. Trudging around the shops doing your Christmas shopping is one way you can burn a few extra calories.

However I think it is sometimes a better strategy to forget about starting a new diet in November or December, and start again from scratch in January. You can still eat sensibly and get some exercise during these months, but you shouldn’t concern yourself too much if you don’t lose any weight.

Once the holiday season is over in January, you will probably be several pounds heavier and so you can then make a real effort to get in shape. At this time, lots of fitness DVDs come out, and you will see adverts for weight loss products everywhere you look.

This is a time to ramp up your exercise regime, either by purchasing one or two fitness DVDs or by joining a gym, and reducing your daily calorie intake. If you work hard, you should find that you can lose as much as 3-5 pounds per week in the new year, and will hopefully burn off all the extra fat you accumulated over the holiday season.

Weight loss companies often report that November is one of the quietest months in terms of sales, and this is largely because many people are not interested in losing weight until after Christmas.

I think on the whole this is a pretty good idea, but you should of course be trying to lead a healthy lifestyle during every month of the year if you want to avoid getting fat in the first place.



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