Is Poor Time Management Skills Affecting Your Wealth Building?



I was sitting with my family in a small cafe in Buenos Aires enjoying a cup of coffee and watching people rush by on the streets. I had nowhere to be other than enjoying the day with my family, the "millionaire lifestyle" as my friends call it.

As I watched everyone rush past us I surprised where they were going, why they were in such a hurry, and whether what they were doing was really important. Have you ever noticed how seemingly everyone is in such a hurry these days … silly me, you are probably one of these people as well.

I certainly appreciate that there are times when we have more to do than hours in a day, as a business executive I routinely had days when I had 10 hours of meetings and still needed to complete projects I was working on. In my personal life I have also faced days when we were running from event to event, needing to take care of the kids or complete a couple of home repair projects.

… but, because of these experiences I also know that there are times when this stuff is really not necessary. We fail to see the bigger picture or allow others to take over our time, sometimes we need to take a step back and apply some basic time management skills, and if it is time management at school, time management at work, time management at home , or time management for children … we need to STOP!

No one ever stops to think about the amount of time wasted, and the lack of priority and planning instead we just get "caught up" in the momentum of our lives. While on the surface this may seem harmless, this same process can have a negative impact on many areas of our lives.

The same way that we allow our time to be controlled we may allow outside influences to impact our spending. The same way that we do not plan, organize, and manage our time is often reflected in other areas of our lives such as planning, organizing, or managing our finances.

Do you practice time management skills? Do you utilize planning or prioritization skills to manage your schedule?

… and similarly, do you practice financial management skills? Do you utilize a budget or spending plan to manage your personal finances?

So, if we do not learn to be aware and manage this impact the results may not be favorable. Here are a few time management tips to free up time for you to manage other areas of your life:
Think about the task before starting it.
Try not to handle too many things at once.
Do not begin a new project before completing the first one.
Finish a project; do not leave it hanging.
Try not to double up on needless paperwork; keep it simple.
Do not try to do everything yourself; delegate.
Try to focus on the task at hand; avoid interruptions.
When someone is speaking to you; listen fully without thinking of other matters. In this way nothing will have to be repeated.
When running errands, call ahead to ensure your items are ready, if applicable.
Schedule appointments either in the early morning or after lunch to avoid waiting.
Ensure your home is clutter free; spending time looking for something is wasteful.
Make lunch for the kids at night.
Put your clothes out at night for the next morning.
Ensure your car has plenty of gas at all times.



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