Is the Lottery Worth Playing?


Life is a gamble. You never know for sure what happens next. You may thus want to consider taking a stab at the lottery by either buying a physical ticket from a retailer nearest you or betting online using a platform like LottoGo. If it’s your first time playing the lottery, you might ask yourself: is the lottery worth playing?

What Are Your Chances of Winning the Lottery Anyway?

Whether you’re mathematically inclined or not, you probably are wondering what your odds of winning the lottery is,especially if you want to play any of the two major lottery games in the US –namely Power ball and Mega Millions. You need to ensure that the six numbers you bet on in your ticket match the ones pulled out in the draw, and your chances of hitting the right combination and winning the lottery are one out of 175 million.

Sure, you’ll have to lose a lot of times, which may make you want to give up betting. However, you can increase your odds of winning the lottery when you play the smaller games,such as Pick 3 and Pick 4.

How Much Money Can You Win by Playing the Lottery?

What draws some people into playing the lottery is the potential to win a lot of money. The most amount that a single person who played the lottery had won was more than $758 million in 2017. You won’t get the same amount by slaving at your desk job and taking in some extra paid work in your entire lifetime. So, if you want to see yourself cashing a check worth millions of dollars anytime soon, the lottery is your best bet.


A life devoid of any risk is a boring one.That’s why you’ll want to push your luck from time to time by playing the lottery. Buy a ticket, bet on some numbers, wait for the draw, and hope that you win either any of the minor prizes in store or – if you’re lucky enough –the jackpot itself. Just remember to watch how much money you spend on those tickets as you wouldn’t want to acquire a gambling addiction all because you want to win the lottery.

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