Itchy Business


An estimated 50 million people suffer from some sort of allergy or skin condition; from contact dermatitis to psoriasis it is “Itchy Business”. Do you ever get a rash out of no where that pops up either when you least expect it or a certain time of the year? Chances are it isn’t going away. Some rashes pop up because of an allergy to something you came in contact with,others are a life long skin condition that gets little relief. There are many treatments for skin disorders from over-the-counter creams, gels and oral tablets or in the more severe cases there are prescriptions available to help aid the symptoms. The problem with all of the products sold in your pharmacy is they all contain chemicals that help mask the issue while potentially causing harm to you.

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in the human body? Everything you touch can in someway be absorbed through the skin. So while these products may offer some sort of relief they are causing damage to you internally. Ever notice the cautions say something like- Keep out of reach of children. Avoid getting product into your eyes,if so flush immediately. Do not swallow. If accidental ingestion occurs contact the poison control center.Have you ever noticed the warning label stating if problem persists after 7 days, stop taking it and see your doctor. Hmm maybe prolong use of the product through the skin is not safe? They don’t tell you that though.

Don’t believe it to be true? Here is an experiment (18 or older) you can try at home that will prove the skin absorbs everything!

Unfiltered Tap Water- This is a great source because of all the chlorine that is in the water you cook, bath and drink with. It is very comparable to a swimming pool but you don’t drink that water do you?

A pool chemical test kit

Using the instructions on the chlorine tester, test the cup of tap water for traces of chlorine and record the chemical level.

Next, stick your finger in the same cup of water for one minute. Once the minute is up, test the water again.

How much Chlorine do you see left in the water? Yep that’s right, none. That is because your body has absorbed the chemical and it only took one minute. So back to the topic at hand. Itchy skin. There are many factors that cause flare ups-Soaking in Dead sea salt is a safe and healthy therapeutic treatment that helps relieve the symptoms of certain skin disorders. There are many different brands to choose from.Make sure when selecting your brand that it is unrefined, natural and organic. Many companies wash and bleach the salt which takes away from the therapeutic benefits of using it to begin with. Make sure you always have the water tepid instead of hot. Hot water can irritate the skin and have a reverse effect. Added essential oils are an added benefit to your bath salt. Make sure the essential oils are all organic and that the plants were not treated with any sort of pesticides. Essential oils can act as an antiseptic for broken skin, they help you relax, smell great and help aid in the healing process.


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