Knowing I’ll never have this Google smart lamp makes me want it more


The dLight would make a perfect addition to my desk and improve the lighting in my video calls

Google makes a variety of products — many good, some bad. I’m generally a fan of the company’s smart home devices, despite some issues. Well, apparently Google also has a smart lamp, called ‘dLight,’ that you can’t buy unless you work for the company.

And it looks great.

Ben Gold, a designer at Google, tweeted about the dLight and shared a picture of it. Gold also confirmed the dLight would “likely never be for sale outside of the company.”

The Google lamp is called the “dLight” and I confirmed that it’s not confidential. Again, this product will likely never be for sale outside of the company.

— Ben Gold (@bengold) February 11, 2022

Android Police added more detail, reporting that the lamp supports Wi-Fi connectivity and has an Assistant logo, suggesting it could be controlled via Google’s Home app and through Assistant. The lamp doesn’t have RGB lighting, but Gold noted it offers variable colour temperature and various presets.

Moreover, the light can pivot “quite a bit” and can either shine down to illuminate your desk or shine towards you to light up your face. That makes the dLight a great option for video calls, which is part of the appeal (at least for me). I could use a much better desk lamp situation to help illuminate my face for meetings.

Apparently, the light costs between $170 and $180 USD (about $216 to $228). While that’s a bit more than I’d like to pay for a desk lamp, it doesn’t much matter since I won’t be able to buy it anyway.

Source: Ben Gold (Twitter) Via: Android Police

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