Koodo follows Fido, adds $60/12GB plan with $5/mo bill credit

Koodo follows Fido, adds $60/12GB plan with $5/mo bill credit

by Lily White
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The $5/mo credit lasts for 24 months and can be applied whether you get a phone or bring your own


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Update 01/22/22 at 9:27am ET: Koodo has changed over the $60/12GB plan to a $60/15GB plan, but still offers the $5/mo credit. Learn more here.

Telus’ flanker brand Koodo added a new $60/12GB promotional plan, bringing it in line with Fido.

Rogers’ flanker brand recently updated its plans, scrapping half the main plan options and increasing the 8GB plan from $50/mo to $52/mo — you can read more about those changes here. Koodo has now adjusted one of its plans to match.

Koodo previously offered a $30/mo plan with unlimited calling and texting but no data, a $52/mo 8GB plan, and a $55/mo 10GB plan. That plan is now a $60/12GB ‘Promotion’ plan — the others remain unchanged.

Koodo also offers a $5/mo bill credit that lasts for 24 months (a $120 credit in total), effectively making the plan a $55/12GB offer. Somewhat confusingly, the ‘Sweet deal’ box notes that the credit applies when customers bring their own phone, but if you switch to one of the Tab options listed on the plan page (Tab Plus, Tab Mid, Tab Basic), the offer text changes to say it applies to that Tab instead. In other words, it looks like you can get the $5 24-month credit whether you go BYOP or get a phone on Koodo’s Tab.

Koodo 60 12 Plan

The $5 credit is likely intended to match a similar offer from Fido that shows up when you select a plan on the flanker brand’s website. As customers go through the check-out process on Fido’s site, a pop-up should appear offering a $5/mo credit for 24 months.

As of writing, Bell flanker brand Virgin Plus has not updated its plan page to match the $60/12GB offer from Koodo and Fido — it still offers the $55/10GB plan.

It’s also worth noting that Koodo hasn’t adjusted its ‘Starter’ plans, which are lower-cost options that generally match the government’s targets from the ongoing wireless pricing tracking program. Koodo does not allow customers to select these plans if they buy a phone.

You can check out Koodo’s plans here. It’s worth noting that prices may differ depending on your province.

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