Koodo replaces $58/15GB promo and $52/8GB plans

Koodo replaces $58/15GB promo and $52/8GB plans

by Lily White
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Koodo has stopped offering its $52/month 8GB and $58/month 15GB plans to customers.

Those plans have been replaced with a $55/month 10 GB plan and a $60/month 15GB plan.

As earlier reported by MobileSyrup, the Telus flanker brand said it will discontinue the pricing on February 27th. While the $58/month 15GB was labelled as a promotional offer on the website, originally a 10GB plan with a 5GB data bonus, the $52/month 8GB wasn’t labelled as such.

Price Comparissons

Top: Koodo plans as of February 28th, 2022. Bottom: Koodo plans as of February 25th, 2022.

Both Fido and Virgin Plus have also replaced their $52/8GB and $58/15GB plans with $55/8GB and $60/15GB plans, respectively.

Koodo’s $58/month 15GB promotional plan has been available to customers periodically since January 22nd.

Koodo’s plans can be viewed here.

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