Koodo’s $58/15GB promo plan returns just days after being removed


Once again, it’s only available for a limited time and it’s unclear when the promo will end (or if it will return)


Just two days after removing the $58/15GB promotional plan, Telus flanker brand Koodo re-added the offer to its website.

As before, Koodo’s $58 plan comes with 10GB of data and a bonus 5GB of data. Once again, Koodo lists the plan as a limited-time offer, although it’s unclear how long the promo will stick around (or if it will return after Koodo inevitably removes it). Oddly, Koodo’s website also still lists the $58/10GB version of the plan, although it doesn’t make sense to buy while the 15GB variant is available.

Koodo first added the $58/15GB plan back in January but removed it in February. Rogers’ Fido also offered the plan, removed it, then added it back on February 11th. Bell’s Virgin Plus has the $58/15GB promo as well but hasn’t followed the others in removing and re-adding it.

None of Koodo’s other plans have changed, and the $58/15GB promo is still available for customers who bring their own phone or customers who buy a phone on Koodo’s Tab.

All of Koodo’s plans include call display, voicemail, call waiting, and conference calling. Most of the carrier’s plans — including the $58/15GB promo — also offer unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited international messaging.

You can learn more about the plan on Koodo’s website.

Update 02/12/2022 at 10:51am ET: Added a picture of the plan.

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