Lamb with deformed legs gets physical therapy and is able to walk again

Lamb with deformed legs gets physical therapy and is able to walk again

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A lamb born with a leg condition was unable to walk – until he received physical therapy as well as love from an animal rescuer. Leo the lamb, who suffers from contracted tendons in his front legs, was brought to Randy Grim’s animal rescue ranch in Farmington, Illinois.

‘I saw the pictures,’ Grim told KMOV on Friday. ‘He looked like a pretzel’.

Grim took Leo in and began nursing him all day and night for 25 days. A few times of week, Leo would have physical therapy sessions at Four Paws Animal Hospital. Fastened to a harness, Leo would walk on an underwater treadmill, making it easier for him to get off the ground and on his feet.

‘Astonished’ is how Grim described seeing Leo walk. ‘Really, I am astonished with it’.

Lamb Born With Deformed Legs Gets Physical Therapy And Is Able To Walk Again

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Leo’s leg muscles strengthened to the point that a month later, he was up and even running and able to keep up with Grim.

‘Look at you go’, Grim said to Leo. ‘I didn’t know if he’d ever walk or even stand up. I remember getting so excited just watching him stand for the first time’.

Leo still has room for improvement, but the hospital staff and his vet are also pleased with the progress he has made. The lamb will be using a new brace to help correct the deformity near the bottom of his legs.

‘It’s been an amazing journey and bonding experience that I didn’t think was even possible’, Grim said, holding Leo on his lap. ‘Like I love this guy so much and, uh, he’s come such a long way’.

Grim has grown attached to Leo and considers the lamb a permanent member of his ranch.

‘Is it good? You want to live with me forever?’ Grim told the lamb. ‘Oh, God, OK, you can’.

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