Leading a Healthy Life Steps to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

by Lily White
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Of the many goals that people tend to set for themselves, by far the most important is the goal to lead a healthier life. Many people never quite reach this goal, falling victim to the deception that if you are not immediately making progress, which means you will never make progress. This article aims to explain a variety of ways that you can improve your health, both physical and mental, and discusses why these changes have to be gradual.

Set a Healthy Diet

Possibly the single most impactful area of health lies in the diet you keep. What you put into your body will dictate how healthy you are and how you feel. When you eat well, you can keep yourself feeling energetic and healthy. However, when you are eating a poor diet, you can often feel sluggish and awful, making it harder to keep on top of other areas of health.

Every Little Helps. When it comes to improving your diet, people have a tendency towards extremes. This occasionally works if a person has just the right mindset, but more often than not, extreme tactics will just land you back at square one before long. The thing about making changes to your health is that you have to be willing to stick to that change permanently. Otherwise, you are going to rebound to where you were before once you change back. This is why you should focus on small things when it comes to your diet. You don’t have to cut the things you enjoy out of your diet, just reduce the bad stuff and increase the good. You’ll find the best results with this kind of technique, and you’ll enjoy it more too.

Try Out Food Journaling. A great way to help you track what makes you feel good and what doesn’t is to try out food journaling. Everyone is different, which means you should be experimenting with different diets and food groups until you find things that you enjoy and that help to keep you healthy. However, if you are having issues with your stomach, you will want to know what is causing it. This is where a food journal could come in handy, as you could check what you’ve consistently been eating when you haven’t felt well, in case there is a connection. Plus, keeping track of what you are eating and when can actually help you to eat more responsibly, which can be incredibly good for your health.

Get Exercising

Along with diet, exercise is what most people think of when they think of a healthy lifestyle, and for a good reason. Keeping your body active is incredibly important to your health, and the more you commit yourself to regular, effective exercise, the better you will feel. Plus, exercise can help keep your body in better health for a longer period.

Start Small & Be Careful. The most important thing to remember when you are starting to exercise consistently is to not strain yourself. Your body has limits, and if you don’t respect those limits, regardless of how healthy you are, then you are very likely to injure yourself. Healthy exercise is all about maintaining consistent exercise in a range that is comfortable for you. It shouldn’t necessarily be easy, but you shouldn’t be hurting yourself either. As you become stronger and healthier, your limits will change, and you can change your exercise regime to keep up with them, but don’t assume you can do incredible things in next to no time because you will just hurt yourself.

Consistency is Key. The next most important thing to remember when you are exercising is that you need to be consistent. It doesn’t matter how hard or long your train in a single session if you only exercise once or twice a month. Regularity is far more important than intensity or length of exercise, which is why you will find far better results exercising for thirty minutes three times a week than you would be exercising for three hours every other week.

Stay Active. Last but not least, it’s important to remember that while exercise is important, you need to make sure that you stay active outside of your exercise regime too. For example, pace while you speak on the phone, get up and stretch every now and again while you are working on the computer, walk around your office between meetings. By keeping your body moving, you are helping to keep it healthy, which is at least as important as regular exercise.

Sort Out Your Sleep

Another incredibly vital aspect of your personal health is the quality of your sleep. People often talk about the difficulty of fitting a full night’s sleep into their work lives, but you must do so, as your sleep quality can greatly impact both your physical and mental health.

Why You Need to Avoid Blue Light. Blue light from electronic devices can strongly disrupt your circadian cycle, making it far more difficult for you to get to sleep when you need to. This often causes exhaustion and mood swings in people who are exposed to large amounts of blue light throughout the course of their day and, in particular, immediately before they go to sleep. By avoiding electronics for at least an hour before bed, you can help to mitigate this effect of blue light and help to keep your sleep cycle in good working order.

Clean Up Your Home

Few people realize how truly impactful the state of your surroundings is on your mental health, which is why housekeeping plays such an integral role in your ability to focus, relax, and even how you feel about yourself. By making sure that you keep your home consistently in order, you can help to significantly boost your mental state, which can be an important step to feeling happy within yourself.

Change Your Cleaning Mindset. The best way to improve your ability to keep your home clean is to change the way you think about cleaning your home. Most people tend towards the marathon cleaning style of housekeeping. This is where you notice the house is a mess and clean everything up all at once. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also doesn’t solve the mess problem; it just deals with it when it gets too bad to handle. Instead, you should change your approach and do little bits of cleaning every day. This keeps the mess from getting out of hand and will keep you happier than marathon cleaning ever could. Plus, regular cleaning is often easier than marathon cleaning, as mess doesn’t have time to set in and gets hard to handle.

Do What You Can to Declutter. One of the best ways to support your new cleaning habits is to take the time to go through your belongings and get rid of anything and everything that you don’t need. It’s natural for people to get more and more stuff as they go through life, which is why it’s so important to have a little clutter culling every now and again. If there is anything you know you should get rid of, but can’t quite bring yourself to throw away, then you might want to consider hiring a storage unit from companies such as StorageArea. You can store such belongings there to keep them out of the way at home, without having to get rid of the item you are so attached to.

Get Outside

There is a wide range of health benefits associated with visiting the outside world. From the positive effects of fresh air and sunlight to the sheer joy of seeing the world around you, getting out of your house, and enjoying the outdoors can be a majorly beneficial thing to do.

Fresh Air and Sunlight. Both fresh air and sunlight have a positive effect on your mental health, promoting the production of serotonin and making you feel generally happier, which itself will help you to more readily engage with a healthy lifestyle. Your mental state often has a major role in how you interact with the world, which is why your mood is so important.

Why Plants and Growth are Important to See. On top of the effects of fresh air and sunlight, the act of seeing plants and other life growing in the world around you can also have a majorly beneficial effect on your mental state. The human mind needs to see growth and life; it is intrinsically tied to your emotional health, which is another reason why going outside can be so majorly beneficial.

See the World Around You. Finally, the act of engaging with and exploring the world around you can help to boost your mood, too, making you feel happier and more creative. In fact, novelty is a majorly important aspect of your mental health. The human mind craves changes in the environment, and by meeting that need, you can help to really enhance your mood.

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