Leapfrog Leapster Learning Program

by Lily White
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It is a widely accepted fact that children learn fast through plays, games, interactive experiences, and visually seeing things. Nowadays, educated and well-informed parents are eager to provide their children with educational and learning toys and books. The children’s toy market offers a wide range of many innovative and beneficial educational toys that can improve the natural skills, abilities, and mental development of children. LeapFrog is a pioneer in the field of designing and manufacturing educational toys. The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer learning experience is a wonderful and useful learning program that offers many learning activities to children.

The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer is meant for the children of 4-9 years of age group. It is an assortment of online and handheld play and offers about 40 different games and activities. Many studies have revealed that the educational toys and games can enhance the IQ and cognitive abilities of children. It has been pointed out by many researchers that developmental and educational toys can stimulate brain and positively influence the emotional and intellectual growth of children. These toys are helpful to make children aware of the value and importance of patience and creative thinking.

The games and activities included in the Leapster Explorer learning programs are effective to improve many skills of children, including Geography, Math, Science, handwriting, spelling, art and music. Moreover, some games teach children health skills, such as Sugar Bug gives lessons on dental hygienic.

Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg game helps learning of number writing, letters, drawing, shapes, and art. The children can also make their own animated flip book with this game. Likewise, The Disney Princesses: Pop-Up Story Adventures helps the development of story understanding and phonic skills. This game also teaches musical pitch.

The main features of the Leapfrog Leapster Explorer include a large finger-touch screen, auto leveling, superior-quality graphics, click-in-camera, many Learning Applications, known as Leaplets, and a Pet game. The Leaplet Learning Apps mainly consists of videos, games, eBooks, flashcards, and many other things that can be downloaded to Leapster Explorer handheld using a card code. The Leaplet Applications provide opportunities to children to learn new things while playing games.

Pet Pad, and application included in the Leapster Explorer, allows children to create their own pet. The players of Leapster explorer can get access to the LeapWorld, the online playing world of LeapFrog. They are also allowed to bring their pets to the LeapWorld and get some treats for them.



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