List of Reliable Transcription Platforms on 2022

by Lily White
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Who May Need Transcription

With the help of transcription services, it is possible to transform audio and video content into text documents quicker and better. But who might need to do this? Somebody can be surprised but the demand for reliable transcription is increasing rapidly. You can become one of the clients of transcription companies if you are:

  • YouTube blogger. Adding subtitles to videos can be very beneficial and a good idea. Your viewers can watch your videos even in loud places or if they can not turn on the sound. Likewise, people with hearing issues will have the possibility to enjoy your videos. Moreover, you can add subtitles in other languages so foreign viewers can watch your content. If you create subtitles, you will expand your audience and increase the number of views.
  • Businessman. If you are an owner of a company, you probably conduct a lot of meetings, conferences, and discussions with your colleagues and partners. Nowadays, many companies are transferring to remote working. No doubt that your company can be one of them. You begin carrying out these meetings via different video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype, etc. Sometimes, a bad connection or poor audibility can interfere with writing down important details of the meeting. Or what if one of the partners can not attend the planned meeting? This is where transcription can be handy. You will get all the notes of the conducted meeting and can share these notes with those who were absent from the meeting.
  • Student. Even learners may require sending their requests to transcription companies. Students just need to record their lectures on any device and send audio or video lectures to a professional human transcription service where the best transcribers will turn this content into a text.

We can conclude that there are many people in various spheres who may require high-quality transcription from trustworthy companies. Now, we can move to the enumeration of these companies that deserve your attention and consideration.


You have the great possibility to transcribe any type of video and audio content with the help of the Transcriberry company. It offers both manual and automated transcriptions. You can ask to do academic transcription (lectures, dissertations, podcasts, seminars, interviews, webinars, audiobooks), marketing transcription (podcasts, interviews, documentaries), media transcription (podcasts, interviews, meetings), business transcription (conferences, meetings, phone calls), and other types of transcription (lyrics, voice mail).

This company is placed in the first place on this list for a reason. It unites and includes all the benefits of a professional and reliable transcription platform. Before you place your order, you will know the exact price for this order. Expert transcriptionists will make every effort to deliver high-quality results to customers. They will meet all requirements and instructions, and will never give you up. Your payment data is secure since the company uses top-security tools. Your order will be processed in a flash and you will receive your transcripts timely. If you have any questions or problems during placing your order, just contact one of the polite customer support agents.

Aside from the transcription service, the company offers to create foreign subtitles. You can pick up any language from 15 and transcribers will create captions from English into the selected language. Moreover, translation help is available on this platform. You can get a translation of the text of any complexity from English to the chosen language (15 languages are available as well).

The platform is selected by customers from all corners of the world. A large number of positive testimonials prove this. You can become one of these pleased clients if you decide to rely on the Transcriberry company.


Scribie is another platform where you can request both automated and manual transcription. The level of accuracy is pretty high. Moreover, the company can work under tight deadlines. Affordable prices are offered to clients if they send files with a clear sound. Still, if your file contains noisy background, poor audio quality, or speech of people with an accent, you will need to pay an additional charge. To make you feel calm, the company guarantees 100% confidentiality.

If the level of accuracy does not matter for you greatly, you can use the automated service of the company. It is free of charge and offers 80-95% accuracy. This level of accuracy is guaranteed if you upload a file with a clear sound. Every client will have a choice of plans. Moreover, you will have the possibility to track your progress.


The company was established back in 2006. Since it still exists on the market means that the platform is professional and provides great results to its customers. Forbes, the University of Cambridge, and The Huffington Post are only some returning clients of GoTranscript.

GoTranscript maintains approximately 50 languages. You can order video and audio transcriptions, captioning, translation, and closed captioning. The company does not utilize automated programs. It offers only manual transcription. High accuracy rates demonstrate that the company is worth your consideration and that only true professionals are hired to work on orders of the customers.

Even if you have low-quality recordings, the company can cope with them as well. You will need to pay an additional charge still the high-quality result is worth it. If your order is urgent, you can select the “Express delivery” option and your request will proceed within six to 12 hours.

We can conclude that this company will be the most suitable for challenging projects. If you need help with technical and scientific projects, you can send your request easily to GoTranscript. Although there are some issues with uploading and downloading files, many customers stayed pleased with the cooperation with the platform.


Rev is a platform where you can order audio and video transcription, creation of subtitles, and translation help. Even if your deadline is burning, the company can cope with your request within several hours. Wherein, the accuracy rate will be high. Moreover, the company offers the creation of foreign subtitles as well. Professionals of Rev can perform their transcription job fast while keeping a low error rate.

Many customers select exactly this company because of its wide range of services, high accuracy rate, affordable prices, and fast turnaround. Still, if you think the quality of your received transcripts is worth correcting, the performer of your order will re-transcribe your content and you will not need to pay for this.

Also, excellent customer support is worth attention. Although the Rev platform is pretty user-friendly and easy to navigate, the helpful client support department is always online and ready to reply to any of your questions or resolve issues regarding your orders or the overall operation of the company.


The last but not the least transcription platform that is worth your trust is Temi. Although it offers only automated transcription, the quality is still high. Of course, manual transcription can cope with more complicated files, nevertheless, AI transcriptions proposed by Temi are on every budget. The platform does not offer or charge subscriptions plans, additional fees, or minimum time.

The platform works on the basis of speech recognition technology. That enables transcribing voice into text files within 5 minutes. On condition that your record will be with clear sound, the accuracy rate can reach 90-95%. Still, if the record contains accents and unusual words, the result can be worse. That’s why Temi will be a suitable option for those people for whom accuracy isn’t a big issue.

Temi is selected by many clients not only because of its cheap prices. The platform can offer a quick turnaround and it is easy to use.  Finally, it is up to you whether to rely on this transcription platform.


Transcription companies are very helpful for business owners, journalists, students, writers, marketers, etc. The reason is that they can assist to save both time and energy instead of spending hours in front of transcribing audio and video files by their own efforts. If you plan to launch your own business and have no ideas what direction to select, we have a solution for you. You can even think about starting your own transcription business since transcription companies are in huge demand nowadays.

Reputable and professional transcription platforms offer both automated and manual transcription services. They provide a lot of benefits starting from a wide range of services to affordable prices on these services. Even if your record contains speakers with complicated accents or noisy backgrounds, you will find a suitable and trustworthy transcription company for your request for certainty.

A lot of sectors starting from medical to manufacturing made sure that transcription companies are helpful at turning audio and video content into text files. If you need transcription help as well, you may require relying only on the checked transcription platform. If you do not have time to search for a reliable transcription company, there is no need to worry. You can familiarize yourself with our list of professional transcription platforms and select the most suitable according to your needs.

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