Locked Google Photos folder isn’t as useful as it could be


You can only use it to store locally saved images since it won’t back up to the cloud

This week, the announcement that Google Photos is slated to get a new locked folder made waves, but now we’ve learned that it might not be as useful as it originally appeared.

When I wrote about the new Google Photos updates yesterday, I assumed this locked folder would operate much like iOS’ Hidden Album. It’s now come to light that this locked folder is only available locally on a device, so any images that are hidden can’t be accessed from the Google Photos apps on other devices, according to Android Police.

This is a nice plus for anyone that needs a really secret place to store images. Still, this is a little limiting for those that are just trying to hide a few random pictures from their main camera reel.

If you want to catch up on all the Google Photos enhancements coming out this year, check out this story.

Source: Android Police 

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