Lots of Vaccine Card Protectors Are on Sale Today for Prime Day


If you’re one of the millions of people that have received the COVID-19 vaccine already, you should have been given a small vaccine record card to show for it. Consider it your golden ticket for the time being, one that packs a lot of power into one flimsy piece of paper and needs to be safeguarded against tearing, not to mention elements such as sun and water. So much power that, in addition to serving as a legitimate medical record, it could be required to enter certain venues and destinations as the world continues to open up.

And if last year proved to be a fruitful time for surfacing face mask deals, this year Amazon Prime Day has us covered with plenty of discounted holders and lanyards for keeping vaccine cards safe and close at hand. Click through for some of the best vaccine card holder sales going on now, and browse more options on Amazon, Etsy, and beyond here.

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