Mail Order and Changing Economic Conditions


The free market economic systems of the world have always been subject to cycles of boom and bust. Today we live in a global village. The money markets of the world are all connected by super computers that enable financial transactions to take place at the speed of light.

Free market economies are based on the purchase and sale of products and services. This is all based on supply and demand. When the great majority of the people in any society are employed, they have money to spend. This creates a demand for products and services.

When people have money to spend businesses, large and small, are able to prosper and grow.

On the other hand, when there are not enough jobs and people don’t have money to spend, many businesses will suffer and many may be forced to close their doors.

Over the past generation or so, Americans have watched as large corporations and manufactures have moved their operations to countries where they can get cheap labor, while the job market in the U.S. continues to decline.

What does this have to do with mail order? The mail order entrepreneur has a distinct advantage over other businesses. The small business person may start some type of retail operation such as a dry cleaning establishment, car wash, video store, pizza shop or some other type of small restaurant. But he may find it difficult to keep the doors of the business open when there is an economic down-turn. However, mail order allows the savvy entrepreneur to be flexible. The retail establishment is confined to one location. However, the mail order dealer can offer products and services around the globe.

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, for the person who operates a small retail business to make changes when their business gets very slow. However, the mail order dealer who understands that economic conditions are constantly changing should be prepared to act accordingly when conditions change.

The mail order entrepreneur should understand that regardless of economic conditions, people are going to spend their money on things that they want, depending on what is taking place at any given time.

Let me explain: When people are working and have money to spend, they are more likely to spend their money on recreational activities and related products. Under these circumstances, the mail order dealer offers products and services related to this area of interest. Now, when the economy is not doing very well, and people fear that they may be laid off or even lose their jobs, they will be more cautious about how they spend their money. If a person was thinking about buying a new home or car, and things begin to look a little shaky, they are likely to hold off making these large investments.

What does the mail order entrepreneur do in this case? Of course, you sell them products, services, or information that are related to that particular situation. The person who wanted to buy a larger home because there is going to be an addition to the family may want to consider putting an addition on their present house, instead of buying a new house. The mail order entrepreneur could offer them information on the least expensive way to go about doing it. The person who was thinking about buying the new car may want to consider purchasing a late model used car. The mail order entrepreneur could provide information on how to get the best deals on late model used cars.

Every one has to eat. But when food prices go up, people are going to spend less money on groceries. The mail order entrepreneur could offer information on, how to bake your own bread, grow and can vegetables, prepare and package dried fruits…

The information, products and services are out there. All that the mail order entrepreneur has to do is do the research for the people who won’t or can’t do it for themselves. And regardless of what the economic conditions may be, there is always a way for the flexible mail order entrepreneur to make money.


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